Muktha Sunder

Other names of Muktha Sunder: Muktha S Sunder
Muktha Sunder Tamil Actor
Other Skills
    - Director

Muktha is a Tamil film director and cinematographer and is famous for films like Kodai Mazhai Click to look into! >> Read More... Kodai Mazhai and Kangalin Vaarthaigal. Muktha Srinivasan Muktha Srinivasan is a famous film director in the >> Read More... Muktha Srinivasan , the veteran filmmaker, is the father of Muktha S Sunder. He completed his cinematography course from American Film Institute and assisted his father as a cinematographer for films like Katha Nayagan (1988), Vaai Kozhuppu (1989), and Brahmachari (1992). Muktha made his debut in the production of his father’s banner with Kodai Mazhai in 1986.

He also directed many other movies like Chinna Chinna Asaaigal (1989), Ethir Kaatru (1990), and Kangalin Varthaaigal (1998). Muktha disappeared from the spotlight and film industry for a while and made a comeback with comedy thriller film Pathayrem Kodi in 2013. The main lead for this movie was Dhruv Bhandari Dhruv Bhandari is the son of veteran actor Mohan B >> Read More... Dhruv Bhandari and Vivek.