Plot It is a comic themed film in which the lead role is played by Dhruv Bhandari as Ashwin a student in an engineering college belonging to a lower-middle-

Paisa Ho Paisa Movie Review

Paisa Ho Paisa Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Paisa Ho Paisa"
Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 03-04-2015
Genre: Thriller
1 / 5.0



Plot: It is a comic themed film in which the lead role is played by Dhruv Bhandari Dhruv Bhandari is the son of veteran actor Mohan B >> Read More... , as Ashwin, a student in an engineering college, belonging to a lower-middle-class family, who happens to fall in love with his batch-mate, Bhoomika. He wants to become wealthy and make it big and they together catch hold of a chemical which when sprayed on someone makes him, or the objects prayed on invisible. Following this, they are chased after by the cops, gangsters, and CBI officers. A whole lot of chaos and ruckus hence created adds the comedy element to the movie.

Star performances: All the characters, especially the lead characters have not lived up to the standards of a movie making it worth a watch. The only element needed in the movie was comedy, which was not at all delivered by the characters. They were not at all mature in their performance, and there was no efficiency and efforts that could be visible throughout the film.

What is there? Nothing is quite worth mentioning in the movie that could have otherwise made the movie like-able, neither the story, or the acting, or the cast, or the screenplay.

What is not there? The production value of the movie was terrible. The script, acting, direction, editing, everything was substandard and made the movie to be rated the least on the ‘worth watching’ scale. It seems nothing but a dubbed version of a Tamil movie instead of being a proper remake. The whole story hovers around chasing and escaping and is apparently assumed to be funny which is absolutely not so.

Verdict: If one is looking for a pastime, the last thing to be available to him as an option is this particular movie which before intermission will succeed in driving you out of the movie theater. The film tried to make the crowd laugh but instead ended up in annoying the crowd by the poor level of comedy it seems to have delivered. The scenes that were supposed to be funny did not fulfill the purpose at all.