Aval Peyar Thamizharasi was the name of the debut film of director Meera Kathiravan.The title sounds like it is a female-oriented film, but it is a love story shot in a village from Tirunelveli that describes various colors of love. In the year 2009, before the movie got released in India, it was selected to be showcased at the Dubai Film Festival, and it was widely appreciated.

The story of how this film got released is an interesting one. Meera had written this story long back but had no luck in getting a producer. Then one day he read an article about the CEO of Moser Baer, G. Dhananjayan, who stated that he wished to see more number of new directors into the cine field. After reading this Kathiravan decided to send the story of Aval Peyar Thamizharasi to him and  immediately Dhananjayan liked the story.

 After his film had got released, in an interview he was asked what inspired him to take up cinema to which he replied that his interest from childhood was only cinema. He came in the year 1998, and he didn't know what cinema was actually but had the utmost curiosity to achieve something here. So obviously he had no training but grew up here because of some friends and well-wishers he got in the city. But he also added that he had to make a lot of sacrifices in a big city like Chennai, which was nothing like his village back in Tirunelveli, which is full of greenery.

The type of genre in which he preferred his films to be was something like this.  Life always has ups and downs, but the major point to remember is to just take the positive things from it. But one thing should never be forgotten no matter how buried, and that it is love because of which  you can win the whole world.

The strange thing about this director was his first name which was Meera, a girl's name. He said that his mother's name was Meera and  he loved her to the core, and so he bears her name. As passionate Meera was about cinema, it was not the same in the case of his parents. They had little knowledge about cinema and firmly believed that the director had no future in the cine world.

When asked about his future projects he said that he is a making a film which deals with the youth of this generation on how they live their life carefree and when it comes to commitments how they escape from such kind of situations. He was also planning on doing a prehistoric film as his third one which is dated back to the 1600s.