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Sarath Mandava Tamil Actor

Sarath Mandava

Sarath Mandava is a film enthusiast who has committed himself to films and his development along with it. He started out as a Visual Effects Supervisor and supporting actor in the 2009 movie ‘Someone Like You’. It was after working in ‘Someone like you’, that he realized that his passion for films ran much deeper than a mere appearance on the screen and the credit list. Sarath pursues much more regarding his contribution in films and ends up trying out every field associated with the pre-production and post production department of films, including writing, assistant direction, acting, directing, producing, cinematography and even receives special mention for various movies for which his advice and help was critical. He uses the experience that he gained after assisting ‘John Apparao 40+’ which was released in 2008, in all the movies that he works in later, amassing experience with each work. In 2012, he composed the story of the sequel to the blockbuster film ‘Billa’, calling it ‘Billa2’. Apart from writing the story, he also wrote its screenplay and even acted in it as ‘Ram’, a prominent character with a good share of screen presence. He is a multi-tasker in the true sense, since apart from acting and writing the same film, he was also the first assistant director of ‘Billa2’. In 2013, he became the chief producer of the movie ‘Podugadu’, which grossed well at the box office. All the decisions that he made in his life were highly helpful in boosting his career as it is evident from his next work- ‘Ko2’, a film which became his directional debut. He also wrote the script of this film which had a prequel names ‘Ko’ that featured the highly popular Tamil actor Jeeva in the role of a reporter. ‘Ko2’ was a film which was no less glorious than its predecessor, ranking highly among the audience for its action-filled plot and strong visual effects.The film was released in 2016. In the same year, he also cinematographed a movie titled ’TulasiDalam’. Before this, he had handled the camera for the 2010 film ‘Broker’. He has pushed himself to all limits, proving his capabilities.