Arun raj Varma is a talented and young artist who ha Mostly worked in the Tamil film industry.he is a director by Profession and has been quite well at his job.

When Someone's job is his passion, the combination comes out To be successful because the person gives his everything to It. Arun has done the same and got the comeback movie of The star Prashanth.

He made his debut through that movie And it performed up to the expectation of the producers. Prashanth also made a good comeback through it and has Been fairly successful after the movie being released In the directorial debut of Arun.

Suraj Tamil Actor


Suraj (also spelled as Suraaj) is an Indian Director. He is active in Tamil cinema and is best known for his masala and action flicks. He started his journey as an Assistant Director. In the year 1996, he worked with Sundar C. as an assistant director and has worked with him in three films namely Allitha, Ullathai and Mettukudi. He continued assisting for two years. In 1997, he assisted for ‘Arunachalam’ which casted South Indian Superstar Rajinikanth. He also Co-directed the flick ‘Janakiraman’. Suraj finally made his Directorial Debut in the year 1998 with ‘Moovendhar’ which has Devayani and R. Sarathkumar as the leads. It turned out to be a huge commercial as well as critical failure. At this moment, Suraj went back to assist his mentor Sundar. In the year 2006, Suraj made his comeback with the directorial venture ‘Thalai Nagaram’. He casted his mentor,Sundar C. in the film along with Vadivelu and Jyothirmayi. The movie received mixed reviews from critics but it was a commercial hit. The following year, he came up with his third flick called ‘Marudhamalai’ which featured actors Nila, Vadivelu and Arjun. In the year 2009, he directed a movie with superstars Dhanush and Tamannah along with the comedian, Vivek,the movie was called ‘Padikathayan’. The flick was distributed by ‘Sun Pictures’ and turned out to be a hit. In the year 2011, he made another movie called ‘Mappillai’ which was the remake of the 1989 hit film of the same name. The film cast consisted of Dhanush, Manisha Koirala and Hansika Motwani. It was also an equal blockbuster. ‘Alex Pandian’ starring Anushka Shetty and Karthi in the lead roles was the next venture of the director. It released on the 11th of January in the year 2013. It was a failure and received negative responses. His next movie, Sakalakala Vallavan, was also a disappointment and received a lot of negative reviews. His latest film ‘Kaththisandai’ which released on the 23rd of December in the year 2016 was also a big commercial failure. During the promotion of ‘Kathithisandai’, Suraj made the news by making some lewd and disgusting comments about the South Indian actresses. He said that they wear fewer clothes for more money, and he as a filmmaker makes sure that this happens in his flicks to attract the low-class audiences. This made the audiences upset. Even the Tamil film industry lashed out at him. His film actresses like Tamannah have condemned his behaviour. Another version of this Bio... Suraaj is an Indian film director who has worked extensively in the Tamil film industry. In his nearly twenty-year career, he has been renowned for mostly his action movies or masala movies i.e. films that easily blend many genres into one movie. Suraaj first started working in films as an assistant director. He worked with renowned film director Sundar C. on his films Ullathai Allitha and ‘Mettukudi’, both of which were comedies. He also worked as an assistant for ‘Sundar’ for the movie ‘Arunachalam’ that starred South Indian megastar ‘Rajinikanth’. Before embarking on his solo directorial career, he worked as a co-director on the movie ‘Janakiraman’. He made his directorial debut with the film ‘Moovendhar’. The film is a comedy/masala film that deals with a number of themes based in a village. Although it was the kind of film Suraaj would eventually become popular for, the movie did not do good numbers at the box office and was absolutely panned by critics. His next movie was titled ‘Suyamvaram’ and in a complete turnaround, it was given great reviews by critics. The movie features an ensemble cast of actors from around the Tamil film world and also holds a world record for being the fastest ever full-length feature film to be shot; it was completed in less than 24 hours. Around the starting of the 21st century, there was also a stream of steady releases of his movies, with ‘Kunguma Pottu Gounder’ hitting theaters in 2001, ‘Military’ being released in 2003 and ‘Thalai Nagaram’ coming out in 2006. The third of those movies was yet another success for Suraaj. The movie revolves around a man who ends up giving up his life to get rid of certain thugs who are causing lots of problems in other people’s lives. He followed this up with yet another success story in ‘Marudhamalai’, an action movie revolving around a police officer. His next effort ‘Padikkadavan’ was another gangbuster success. The film starred popular actor ‘Dhanush’ and was considered to be his breakout performance. His next film was ‘Mapillai’, which again starred Dhanush. The film is an imitation of an old Tamil movie by the same name that originally starred Rajinikanth, Dhanush’s father-in-law. The film was a box office hit although not everyone appreciated the movie critically. His next venture was ‘Alex Pandian’, a masala film that was another smash hit. However, his 2015 release ‘Sakalakala Vallavan’ was a colossal failure. He is currently working on a movie called ‘Kaththi Sandai’.