Dinesh M. popularly known as Dheena has been ruling the hearts of many by the power of comedy. He is an Indian actor, who is devoting his talent towards Tamil films and television series. The stand-up comedian was born on 17 August 1991 and came from the land of Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India.

Dheena did his schooling from his hometown itself from Veludaiyar Higher Secondary School, and later on, he went to Mayiladudurai to pursue his degree in the field of Instrumentation Engineering at A.V.C. College of Engineering. It was his interest that began towards acting and stand-up comedy at the times of his college life.

Dheena indulged himself in “Kalakka Povathu Yaaru” show as a contestant and proved the power of his mesmerizing talent. He participated with Sarath and became a huge sensation by their comedian swag. They are still considered as one of the best contestants of the season 5 of Kalakka Povathu Yaaru.

As per Dheena’s adroitness, he started trolling about everyone and everything; and came out as an amazing comedian plus artist. He has the zeal and passion towards his skills which is why he is best known for his counter-replies. With his hard work and dedication, he was able to achieve the position of one of the finalists of the season 5 in Kalakka Povathu Yaaru and is still continuing to be a part of Vijay TV.

In his career he has acted with many popular actresses like Chaya Singh Chaya Singh was born on 16th May’1981 in Bangalore >> Read More... , Vidyullekha Raman Vidyullekha Raman Vidyullekha Raman is an actress >> Read More... , Revathi, and Dhivyadharshini, etc.. The stand-up comedian made his debut as an actor in the movie “Power Panda“ or “Pa Pandi” which came out in 14 April 2017, where he worked with Rajkiran, Prasanna, Dhanush and Madonna Sebastian.

In Power Pandi his role was as the leading hero’s best friend which he performed marvelously. After that, Dheena devoted himself in a lot of movies up till now, like Power Pandi (2017), Maanagaram (2017) where he played the role of Ramdoss, etc.

Currently, Dheena is playing an entertaining role in Sirippuda comedy show along with Erode Magesh in Vijay TV and being a stand-up comedian, he is traveling to various cities to show his astounding skills. He indulged in the World of Comedy in 2015, and after that, he has become a startling sensation in the Tamil industry. As it is said, “The fruit of your hard work is the sweetest” goes perfectly well on Dheena’s life, as it was his hard work that today he is someone popularly known.

Kali N. Rathnam

Kali N. Rathnam who’s actual name was Narayana Padayatchi Rathnam is the one who has ruled the 90’s with his flawless comedian skills. He was known for his mesmerizing talent in the Tamil industry. Rathnam started his career at a very young age. He began with rural songs and folk arts, and little by little he learned acting by a stage actor, Parameshwaram Iyer. When Iyer was enthralled by Rathnam’s skills when he played the role of Kali in a stage play, Iyer cherished his name as Kali N. Rathnam. The starling film artist was brought up in this World in 1897 in a Vanniyar community at Malaiyappanallur near Kumbakonam in Tanjore District. He was the son of Narayana Padayatchi and Thangathammai. His parents were indulge in the art of agriculture. The young spirit, Kali N. Rathnam joined the Madurai Original Boys Company in the year of 1923. His first movie was Pathi Bhakti where he played the role of a detective. He ended up indulging himself in 14 Tamil films, and many dramas plays. During his theatrics tour, Rathnam was dazzled by the historical skills of C.T. Rajaratnam in Coimbatore. Rathnam added her in his troupe, and sooner or later, they became the most mesmerizing and successful comedy pair. They did several films together, and eventually got married. The two love birds had a daughter- Rajalakshmi, who got married to the playback singer- Tiruchi Loganathan. When it came to the journey of success, Rathnam got highly popular through his movie Chandrakantha in 1936. After that, his career was like a jet, he did many movies and got successful from time to time. He always gave his fullest when it was about acting. He indulged himself in a very delightful manner. After his first movie Pathi Bhakti, he was offered for more, and in the same year, his two more movies came out- Mannarswami and Chandrakantha. In the next year, 1937 his movie Raja Mohan came out. As he went on a boom in his career, he came out in many roles, like in the film Punjab Kesari he was casted as Karapaanpoochi who was the detective’s assistant, then in the movie Meenakshi Kalyanam, he played out the lead role, in Valmiki (1946) he played a side role, and etc. There was no such role that didn’t suited him up. But as the time grew, he left us all on August 1950, at the age of around 52 or 53. His skills left an enormous impact in the Tamil industry.

Kali N. Rathnam Tamil Actor