Kullamani was born in 1952. He is Tamilian comedian and also an actor. He has 500 films in his career. He is known for his brilliant acting and comic timing.

Some of his famous films include Karagattakaran, Panakkaran, My Dear Marthandan and Apoorva Sagodharagal. This amazing personality passed away at the age of 61. He passed away on 25th December 2013 in Chennai.

Kottachi Tamil Actor


Kottachi is a Tamil comedian actor who has been assigned a brief role in a few upcoming movies. The actor was first spotted in a role of the dramatist in the movie ‘Kaaviya Thalaivan’ which was directed by Vasanthabalan. The film made a clean sweep at the box office and even won maximum award nominations at the 62nd Filmfare Awards (south) ceremony. The film had Siddharth, Prithviraj, Vedhika in lead roles. It was a periodic dramatic film set in the pre-independence era. This film was released in the year 2014. In the year 2016, the actor will be soon in two upcoming projects. 'Kadavulukku Nandri' whichstars Pon Magesh, Mounika and Kottachi. The film is written and directed by Pon Magesh. Pon Magesh makes his debutant as a director and even as an actor through this movie. The film is still in the filming stage. It is believed that the actor Kottachi has been given an 'extra weight' in this movie and he will be seen sharing maximum scenes with the actor Pon Magesh. In this movie, people will be able to see him in a lengthy role. In the year 2014, Kottachi had a brief appearance in a movie titled ‘Aindhaam Thalaimurai Sidha Vaidhiya Sigamani’ which released in August 2014. The film was directed by L. G. Ravichandar. It was a Tamil comedy movie which opened with a poor response at the box office. With many older generation comedian artists trying to remain out of camera lights, this young actor Kottachi can seize some opportunities for him to establish in Kollywood.


Lollu Sabha Manohar

Manohar is a Tamil comedy actor who was initially doing gag television shows. He shot to fame through the critically famous gag television series, LolluSabha, telecasted in Vijay TV. ollu Sabha is a program, which makes a spoof of many Tamil movies. The 45 minutes show was directed by Ram Bala, and it was a laugh riot. The main characters who acted in the program include Manohar, Swaminathan, Santhanam, Balaji, Jeeva, Easter, Swetha, Seshu, Karthik, Shobana and Lmany more. Santhanam, a prominent actor, became famous only through this gag show. Actor Simbu spotted him and cast him in his movie Manmadhan.   Manohar and the team replace the actual name of the movie with a funny one and then sarcastically enact the major scenes in the movie. Each episode contained the spoof of a film. Some of the movies that were spoofed in this sitcom are 7G Rainbow Colony (Name changed to 7G Orampo Colony), Santhosh Subramanian (Name changed as Sandhu la Subramaniam), Billa (Name changed as Gulla), Engaooru Pattukaran (Name changed as Enga Area Pattukaran) and many more. Even Superstar Rajinikanth's movies were not spared. Mani Ratnam’s masterpiece Thalapathy was spoofed as Thalavidhi, Roja as Saroja and superstar's Padayappa and Ejamaan were spoofed as Vadaiyappa and Raghumaan respectively. The team even teased famous television soaps and other reality programs. After gaining popularity in the small screen, Manohar also exhibited his talent by acting in several movies as a comedian. Manohar is famous for his unusual body language and gestures that he performs in his acting. The latest movie to his credit is Nanbenda(2015), in which he has done a comical role along with actor Santhanam and hero Udhayanidhi Stalin.  Manohar has also acted in Thillalangadi, MalaiMalai, Eesaand a few other movies.

Lollu Sabha Manohar Tamil Actor