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Malini Jeevarathnam Tamil Actor

Malini Jeevarathnam

Malini Jeevarathnam is one of the youngest and most talented directors of the film industry. At a minor age of 28, she directed her first movie called Ladies and Gentlewomen; a movie which is built on the love between same genders, may it be two males, two females or transgenders. It is in the LGBTQ community and their rights. The movie shows the real-life experiences of Malini, how people make the lives of transgender or lesbians or gays difficult and pressure them to commit things they don’t want to. Malini says that she has experienced all this herself. As she grew up, she realized that she is attracted towards girls and not boys. By the age of 25, Malini knew that she is a lesbian. She says that it is really problematic for people like her to survive and find the perfect partner. Ordinary people have many options for them but, people like Malini don’t even know if there is a lesbian in the neighboring village. The trailer of the film, Ladies, and Gentlewomen shows such a thoughtful topic, i.e. the relationship between the two same genders in a very humorous way. Malini believes that people don’t prefer watching grave movies rather than they enjoy movies having humor in it. This film is by Pa Ranjith’s Neelam Productions and shows about the problems in the LGBTQ community. Malini wants to make sure that she gives a message to the people who treat others like her as slaves; she wants to make them feel guilty and not hurt. Malini hails from Paramakundi; she tells that it is false that Paramakundi is the only city where people show their genders openly. Malini has traveled across Tamil Nadu for her film and discovered that small villages and town are more open towards their attraction for the same sex. Malini tells that her family and friends were very supportive when she expressed them about her sexuality. The even opened up to her about other people who have the same interests. Malini has directed only one movie till now but has achieved enormous success from it. The film, Ladies, and Gentlewomen has been awarded many awards and was selected to be seen in seven international Film festivals. It has also won Best Documentary on three of the commemorations. The movie is known as the voice of Lesbian Rights. The documentary was premiered on January 21st, 2018 by Pa Ranjith’s Neelam Productions.