1 Million Followers For VJ Anjana!

Friday, June 9th, 2017

1 Million Followers For VJ Anjana!

Like the cinema stars, the TV Stars have also become popular among the audiences. There are lots of fans for some of the TV actors and anchors.

VJ Anjana Rangan Hailing from the southern shores of India, Anjana >> Read More... VJ Anjana Rangan is one among the popular anchor in a popular channel. Her hosting style had impressed a lot of people and there is a special fan following for her. Anjana is active on Twitter and has been interacting with her followers.

Recently, the followers’ count of Anjana has touched 1 Million and it is equal to the fan following of the cinema actresses. Her fans created a poster for Anjana with the followers’ Twitter ID.

They had created hashtag #1MForPeoplesFavVJAnjana and trending it.

Anjana is the wife of actor “ Chandran Born on 5th September in Chennai, Chandran, is a T >> Read More... Chandran ,” who played the hero in “ Kayal Click to look into! >> Read More... Kayal ” with “ Anandhi For one as young as Anandhi, she has already prove >> Read More... Anandhi .”