Shruthy Menon Malayalam Actress

Shruthy Menon is an Indian thespian, TV host, Expert Chief of ceremonials and model. Shruthy Menon was born on 21st November 1984. She is presently the announcer for Sonu Nigam's performances internationally as well as the display Ugram Ujwalam. In 2015, a topless photoshoot for a wedding publication led to a dispute in conformist India. The controversy of the photoshoot influenced her profession. Menon was born to father Sreevalsan Unni Menon & mother Shashi Menon in Mumbai. She got affianced to capitalist Shahil Timpadia in 2017, with the pair getting wedded later in the year. Known for her roles in unusual movies, Shruthy Menon finds it difficult to play resilient characters. Currently occupied in a flick titled Kismat, the gifted actress tells about her forthcoming pictures and more.

She portrays the individual of a developed, level-headed SC girl, Anita, who falls in love with a youthful Muslim lad, Irfan. The film directed by Shanavas K. Bavakutty is a narrative about an unusual occurrence happening in an uncommon setup and pans over one action-packed night. When questioned why she wishes such uncommon roles, she says, that the character she portrays in a picture should be motivating to her. She has performed different individuals so far, out of which most of them are forceful. Though tricky, such parts are not problematic to perform. She loves to pick personalities that give scope to act. Before enacting a role, she makes sure that she has the complete information about the character.

Shruthy confesses that in real life, she is just the contradictory of the characters she represents. Interestingly, most of the roles she does are opposing to her actual personality. In real life, she is a very casual, easy-going individual. Her friends nicknamed her ‘life of a party’. Having said that, she also happens to be a very remote person who loves to expend time with her family. Talking about her fantasy role, the actress reveals that she methodically loved the way portrayed the role of ex British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the movie The Iron Lady Click to look into! >> Read More... The Iron Lady . It was astonishing. She would like to do some more work along those outlines. Besides regarding her dream part, presently she would love to discover more than the shady and powerful roles she has represented so far. Somewhat with a lot of peculiarities and perhaps a light-hearted or even a funny role. She is usually making people in my life chuckle.