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Juhi Rustagi

Juhi Rustagi is a Malayalam actress. She took birth in Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala, on July 10, 1998, to Bhagyalakshmi and Reghuvir Saran. Juhi is a student of Kerala's Kalamandalam and has taken formal education in dancing. She is an alumnus of Bhavans Munshi Vidyashram, Thiruvankulam, Ernakulam. As a child, she was an active participant in the state-level competitions and has won a couple of them. Juhi's father was a Rajasthani, and as a result, Rajasthan's culture influenced her. However, her father passed away, and Bhagyalakshmi raised her single-handedly. Even after Satan's death, Juhi and her mother are still in touch with his family. Since Juhi's mother is from Kerala, Juhi has grown up in its lanes. She has an elder brother, who is studying to become an engineer. Since Juhi is the youngest and the only girl child in her family, they pamper her the most. Juhi chose commerce for her higher secondary education and also wants to pursue fashion designing in the future. Juhi also wishes to pursue a course in Airport Management. When Juhi was studying in junior college, she got an opportunity to work in Uppum Mulakum. Flowers TV channel telecasts the show. The serial's director, R Unnikrishnan, is her classmate Anantha krishnan's father. He spotted her when she visited their house for Anantha krishnan’s birthday party and decided to cast Juhi as Lakshmi Balachandran Thampi, a moody and frisky teenage daughter of Neelu and Balu. Besides that, Unnikrishnan guided her and ensured that she doesn't feel awkward while shooting for the serial. The serial became a huge success, and it turned her into an overnight TV star. As her popularity increased, Juhi started to receive various stage shows offers as well. Though she hardly converses in Malayalam at her home, Juhi managed to make a place in the heart of the Malayalam audience. In fact, when she met with an accident while riding a two-wheeler, thousands of her fans messaged her and wished her well. She also appeared on Flower TV Channel's Sreekandan Nair Talk Show and Comedy Super Night to commemorate the completion of several hundred episodes. Even her friends and close ones call her Lachu, which is the pet name if her character in Uppum Mulakum. Soochi is Juhi's debut as a big-screen actress. After gaining stardom, Juhi opted for open schooling to complete her education as it was getting difficult for her to attend college. She has over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

Juhi Rustagi Malayalam Actress