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Achyuth Jaigopal Malayalam Actor

Achyuth Jaigopal

Achyuth Jaigopal is a young Indian guitarist. At just 21, he had showcased his skills in over two-hundred shows across nine countries. He also has a music album to his credit, and he is the guitarist of the four-member band When Chai Met Toast. Achyuth’ s music highlights activism which he fuses pretty well. The band has four members namely Ashwin Gopakumar, Pai Sailesh, Palle Francis, and Achyuth Jaigoapal himself. Ashwin and Achyuth do the songwriting while Sailesh and Francis accompany them on drum set and keyboard. The group was formed in 2015 by Achyuth and Ashwin as they both have the same music interest. When Chai Met Toast is a sensation in Kerala’s music circuit, and the band is one of the promising groups in the country. Till now they have released an album named The Joy of Little Things. Achyuth is also a winner of the Greenest Scholarship for the Student of the Year. He took birth in Cochin, Kerala. Both his parents are architects, and they wanted Achyuth to do the same profession as theirs. However, Achyuth had an interest in music, and he chose it over Architecture. He went to a Trinity College of Music, Kochi and did 8th grade in Western Classic guitar. His master at the institute was K.C Peter and he sometimes also trained with guitarist John Anthony. He learned eminent electric rhythms and developed his fingerstyle technique for performances. In high school, he formed a six-member band named Nasi Campur. They performed in Indonesia and India. In 2012, he was on vacation to Bali with his parents when he chanced upon the prestigious Green School. Achyuth was mesmerized by the holistic and natural environment of the institute. He enquired about the admission procedure and soon got admitted to the Green School. He did his intermediate, and also gained popularity with the guitar. In 2013, he won the Greenest Scholarship for the Student of the Year. He beat 55 contestants from across the world to achieve the feat. He made a video to unite nature and people; he also did a gig and donated the earning to an NGO. His effort got the judges appraisal, and he won the scholarship. Later, he went to the Berklee Institute of Architecture but dropped out for his passion for music. He came back and released his first Album Convert Guns to Guitars.