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S. L. Puram Sadanandan Malayalam Actor
  • DOB : 15-04-1928
  • Date of death: 16-09-2005
  • Star Sign : Aries

S. L. Puram Sadanandan was a well-known Indian scriptwriter and also a playwriter.Sadanandan was born on the 15th of April, in the year 1928. His place of birth is S.L.Puram in Alappuzha,Kerala, India. He wrote around sixty plays and scripts for more than one fifty films. He is one of the most eminent names and contributed significantly to the Malayalam Film Industry. He is also known as the founder of the Surya soma Theatres and the Kalpana Theatres, situated in S.L Puram (a district in Alappuzha, Kerala).

He was born to P.Narayanan and Karthyayani. Sadannandan got married to Omana and has two children named Jayasurya and Jayasoma. He was also known to be an active participant in the Punnapra-Vayalaruprising,which led to his imprisonment too. Sadanandan loved writing since his childhood days and always had a desire to work in this industry. His first work was a drama titled ‘Kudiyirakku’ that got performed when he was only sixteen years old. In the year 1962, he stepped into the world of scriptwriting and the film industry when he wrote dialogues for the film Sreekovil.

Most of the scripts that he wrote for the cinema’s got subjected to many awards and titles. He was a determined supervisor. While staging a play, he wanted extreme perfection and proper delivery of his ideas. He was said to be a communist, as he believed theatre played a pivotal role in setting up a foot in the citation of political affairs. He wrote scripts for some very outstanding films such as Chemmeen (a famous Malayalam film, released in 1960), Agniputhri, kavyamela, Kallu Kondoru Pennu, Bhagyamudra, Kattukuthira, Babumon, Kaadu, IvideThudangunnu, and many other too. Sadanandan had achieved a lot in his life.

His achievement includes that his script for the film Kavyamela in the year 1965 got entitled with ‘President's Silver Medal for Best Feature Film in Malayalam.’ His film Agniputhri also won the award for the National Film Award for Best Screenplay in the year 1976. Sadanandan’s drama Kakkapaonnu got entitles with the Kerala Sahithya Akademi award. He also won the State award for his script in the film Oru Penninte Kathaand Yavanika.

In his memorial and to pay tribute to his predominant contribution to the theatre arts, the Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Akademiinaugurated S. L. Puram Sadanandan Memorial Puraskaram. However, Sadananad died at the age of seventy-seven on the 16th of September, in the year2005. His massive contribution to the theatres and film industry will always remain engraved.