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Malayalam Politician E. M. S. Namboodiripad
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Born on June 13, 1909, in Malappuram, Kerala, Elamkulam Manakkal Sankaran Namboodiripad, prominently known as EMS, was an Indian theorist and comrade politician, who filled in as the primary Chief Minister of Kerala in 1957– 1959 and after that again in 1967– 1969.

He is the son of Vishnudatha Antharjanam and Parameshwaran Namboodiripad. He is a fourth child and was from a upper-class Brahmin family. In his initial years, he was a dear companion of Comrade Sr. P. M. Mathew. He was related to M. R. Bhattathiripad, V. T. Bhattathiripad, and numerous others in the battle against the conservatism and casteism that existed in the Namboothiri people group.

He turned into one of the workplace bearers of Valluvanadu Yogaskshema Sabha, an association of dynamic Namboothiri youth. Amid his school days, he joined the Indian freedom development and Indian National Congress.

He was notable due to his stammering. He married Arya Antharjanam and had four children. Namboodiripad was one of the pioneer of the Congress Socialist Party, a part of the Indian National Congress, in 1934. He became All India Joint Secretary, after the setup of the political party, from 1934-40.

In 1939, he also turned into an individual from the Madras Legislative Assembly. At this point, Namboodiripad picked up a dependable balance in the Indian National Congress, and it was communism that the legislator worked towards setting up and put stock in amid his underlying years in government issues.

It was the adoration that he felt for the laborers of the general public that enlivened Namboodiripad to embrace socialism in his political belief systems. Namboodiripad settled the (CPI) Communist Party of India in Kerala. People criticized him so much that he needed to go sequestered from everything to stay out of jail.

In 1964, a split happened among the positions of the Communist Party of India. The division which took after, observed Namboodiripad take sides with the Community Party of India (Marxist). He turned into an individual from the Politburo and the Central Committee of the CPI (M).

From 1977-92, he filled in as the General Secretary of the CPI (M) in Kerala. In 1957, Namboodiripad made history by driving his Communist gathering to triumph in the Kerala state elections. He was the non-congress head to accomplish this win and accordingly the primary comrade pioneer to arrange a chosen state government.

He became the central clergyman of Kerala on 5 April of1957. The education bill and the change mandate were the most prominent policies presented by the E M S Namboodiripad government in Kerala. Be that as it may, Namboodiripad needed to quit office, after the central government recreated Article 356 of the Indian constitution, liquefying the law-making body of Kerala state and forcing the federal rule in Kerala in 1959.

For the second time, he turned into the chief minister of Kerala by winning the majority of votes in the elections in 1967 after a coalition of seven political groups, incorporating the Muslim League and the Communist party. Namboodiripad stayed in office for the following over two years.

Namboodiripad was the head of the Kerala Legislative Assembly for two terms of the opposition party. The initial phase reached out from 1960-64 and the second year was from 1970-77. The decentralization of resources and power in the state and the spread of education all across Kerala was the central point of Namboodiripad, all through his stretch as a legislator in the Kerala state government.

He was a prevalent abstract figure who penned books in English and Malayalam, so justifiably literacy was at the highest point of his need list. Every one of his books distributed under the title 'E M S Sanchika'. He lost in just one election in his whole career. K P Kuttikrishnan, referred generally as the organizer of the Trade Union Movement in India defeated him from the Kozhikode voting public.

The Sino - Indian War of 1962 saw Namboodiripad helping the left-wing political group who suffered for accepting a pro-China position. While the whole country was in a mess, it was just Namboodiripad who focused on the discussion with the authorities of China could fathom the India - China outskirt disputes.

Namboodiripad, alongside K Damodaran, Kesari Balakrishna Pillai, Joseph Mundassery, and M. P. Paul, was the organizer of 'Jeevat Sahitya Prastanam.’ Later, the organization came to be called as the Progressive Association for Arts and Letters.

However the key figures of this association were not all Communists, which prompted conflicts of conclusion, and along these lines, aftermath between individuals. The argument between the Communists and the non-Communists is known as the Rupa Bhadrata Vivadam.

This disagreement prompted the development of another type of dialect in Kerala. It was between this time that the seeds of present-day Malayalam writing were sowed. In this way, the Rupa Bhadrata Vivadam was a point of reference in the historical backdrop of present-day Malayalam writing. E M S Namboodiripad left the world on 19 March of 1998 deserting an accumulation of abstract works and a fresh start of the Communist government in Kerala.


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