Lijomol Jose is an up-and-coming Malayalam film actress. Lijomol is from Peermade, Idukki Kerala. Her mother’s name is Lisamma and she works in the Forest Department while her father runs his business. She studied at Pondicherry University where she did her Post Graduation in Information and Library Science. Before entering the acting industry Lijomol worked as a Staff Reporter for Jai Hind TV.

While working there, she auditioned for “Maheshinte prathikaram”, the directional debut of Dileesh Pothan Dileesh Pothan is a prominent Malayalam film actor >> Read More... Dileesh Pothan and bagged the film. In the movie, which was released on 5 February 2016, she played the character of Soniyamol, who coincidentally is an Idukki village girl too.

She portrayed the daughter of Babychayan and had combination scenes with Soubin Shahir Soubin Shahir is a well-known actor and an assista >> Read More... Soubin Shahir , which were well appreciated despite her role being short. She caught the attention of the public in her debut. This resulted in Lijomol bagging her second movie “Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan”, directed by Nadirsha. It was also released on 18 November 2016.

This movie turned out to be a huge success, making her a known face in the Malayali film industry. In her third film, “Honey Bee 2.5”, she played the role of a personal make-up artist of actress Bhavana, Bubby Kanmani. The movie was directed by Shyiju Anthikkad and it was released on 18 August 2017. In the movie, Kanmani, herself wants to pursue acting, develops feelings for an aspiring actor Vishnu and helps her out. This movie was applauded for being different from the others.

Honey Bee 2.5 is probably the first movie to be churned out from the set of another real movie, Honey Bee 2. In 2018, her next film, a thriller was released, named Street Lights. The movie revolved around a police officer trying to find a stolen necklace. This was directed by Shamdat. Premasoothram, a romantic comedy, came out in the same year where she played the role of Ammukutty.

It was a period movie, set in 1980-90s and was directed by Jiju Asokan Jiju Asokan was born on 18th May 1977 in padiyoor, >> Read More... Jiju Asokan . Lijomol Jose mentioned in her interview that she had no experience of acting. In fact, her first attempt at acting was in her debut film, Prathikaram. Neither did she have any family background in the film industry. She comes off as a courageous and inspiring young lady, who made her way through films on pure talent and hard work. Slowly and steadily she has become a familiar face in the Malayalam household and is on the road to more success ahead.