Carrying the acting tradition in the family is nothing uncommon in the film industry, and so it was almost natural for Anate Augustine one of the current crop of promising Malayali actresses to have chosen an acting career following in the footsteps of her father Augustine, who himself had acted in more than 100 films in his lifetime. While entering films, however, she chose to abbreviate her name from Anate to ‘Ann’ and this change may have brought her luck as her current standing in the industry bears out, having been a recipient of so many awards right from her debut film in 2010. Like many others in the current generation of actor and actresses, Ann too comes with a solid educational background, having earlier studied in Calicut and Thiruvananthapuram, and then graduated in psychology from Bangalore. While she is grateful for her father’s guidance in her career, at the same time she feels it necessary to pursue her higher education, almost side by side with her acting, as inspired by her late father. In fact, she says she misses her father every time she gets up to pick up another of her awards. In spite of having received 6 awards in her 5 years of acting career, she keeps a balanced and mature head on her relatively young shoulders. In fact, she had the humility to confess that she felt the State Award should have gone to either Shobana or Shwetha, two of her seniors in the acting fraternity. Glancing through her films and the awards that she has been able to accumulate, it would be obvious that she has been able come to the limelight whether she was playing a lead role, (like for instance in her first film “Elsamma Enna Aankutty” or in “Artist”) or even an associate role in some of her other movies. Being level headed and talented, these qualities would carry her far whether she chooses acting or being a psychologist, whatever be her ultimate priorities. That she is focused and determined also comes out from the decision she took without any sort of hesitation or dilemma about her own marriage to Jomon T John.

Anandavally Malayalam Actress


Anandavally, the veteran Malayalam actress, having crossed the ripe age of 60, she can look back with some satisfaction at a career which has spanned almost 33 years and has included within it almost 46 films, covering roles as varied as that of a doctor, a maid, and also a scheming stepmother. From her own side she would, however, declare that she had derived almost equal pleasure from the numerous dubbing assignments that she had very successfully taken up during this long career of hers. She was perhaps infatuated with her own voice and the modulations and inflexions that she could manage with it. Very early in life she used to act in school plays, and also became well known for her story telling feats (popularly known as Kadhaprasangam). She enjoyed doing this, giving a free rein to her voice modulations to heighten the interest of her audience. Her stint as a radio announcer with All India Radio only honed her tremendous voice modulation skills. Old timers recollect that even before she actively joined films, her voice was easily recognizable over the radio as well as other public functions. For one so well known for her voice qualities it was natural that sooner or later she would have to make her entry into drama. It came rather unexpectedly, in 1969,when her acting skills were put to test in front of a large audience during the drama “Chithalu Kayariya Bhoomi”. Her participation in dramas continued for some time, working for several big theatre companies of those days, and ultimately led to her joining films, with the film “Kadu”.Starting with minor roles, she grew fond of pursuing a career in the Malayalam films, being a regular in the industry till 1996. Towards the latter part of her movie career, she developed her love for dubbing and gradually branched off into an exclusive dubbing career, her first major dubbing assignment being in the film ''Devi Kanyakumari'' in which she lent her voice for actress Rajasri. However, it was in the film ''Manjil Virinja Pookkal',' where she dubbed for Poornima Jayaram, that she received a big recognition. So far she has dubbed for all the well-known actresses of the South, including Jayapradha, Khushboo, Rekha, and Silk Smitha. Even after bringing her film career to a close she is active in dubbing perhaps her first love.



Those actresses who have left movies after marriage have mostly been the ones who had already completed a long enough career, synchronising their exit with their marriage. The pattern, however, has been quite different for the Malayali actress Annie, who quit films immediately with her marriage, but after being in the industry just for three years, and at the height of her fame. While it was known to all that Annie’s marriage was preceded by a pretty involved courtship, her decision to quit films came quite as a surprise not only to the industry but also to her fans. That she had taken her marriage to Shaji Kailas, one of the most famous directors of that time, as a very significant and serious matter in her life became evident when she took quite a few vital decisions one after the other. Although born a Christian, she immediately converted to Hinduism. The next decision she took was to discard the very name with which she had attained fame and glory in the industry, and in one sweep she became Chitra from Annie, and linked it with her husband’s name. The final decision she took - about quitting films forever, was of course the most momentous one that left her fans most upset. It takes real guts to quit at the very pinnacle of fame, especially when the fame had come in the remarkably short time of three years and packed with 16 films of various shades, but all of them a huge success. She had made her fans increasingly eager to see more of her films, and it must have pained her too, to deliver this rude anti climax. For it had indeed been a glorious career for Annie, right from her 1993 debut film “Ammayane Sathyam” working for none other than the redoubtable Balachandra Menon in quite a complex near double role, when she was just 14. In her very next film she bagged the 1995 Filmfare Award for “Mazhayethum Munpe”, and closed her career with the 1996 hit “Kireedamillatha Rajakkanmar”. Although she is fully retired now, she is still to be seen in public functions and gatherings of the film industry – a small consolation for her fans, perhaps.

Annie Malayalam Actress