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Malayalam Movie Actor Ijaaz Ebrahim
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Ijaaz Ebrahim is a Mollywood actor, who was born on 3rd March 1998 in Edappal in Kerala. His parents are MV Iqbal and Nisha. Ijaaz did his schooling in The Ushus Senior Secondary School. He completed his Business Management course at Bangalore University. He has been working as an online movie promoter in Kochi. He is the CEO of Oolas Media and Mollywood Mad Pvt. Ltd, online movie news publishers. Ijaaz had been longing to play in the films right from his childhood. He had acted in his school dramas. When he was 6 years, he played in his school drama and it was his first acting experience. Ijaaz’s film opportunity came through Arjun Asokan, the son of popular Mollywood actor, Harisree Asokan.

Arjun showed Ijaaz’s photos to his father and that brought him an offer to play in An International Local Story Click to look into! >> Read More... directed by Harisree Asokan. Ijaaz played the younger version of Tini Tom Tini Tom is a famous Indian movie actor, TV awards >> Read More... in An International Local Story. He had to attend the audition along with other aspiring actors for his role. As he performed well and also his physique suited well for the role Krishna, Ijaaz got the golden opportunity to enter Mollywood. Before stepping into Mollywood, Ijaaz had played in a few short films. They are: Paisa directed by Hisham Anwar in 2014, Sunday Click to look into! >> Read More... directed by Sanjid CP in 2015, Otta Click to look into! >> Read More... directed by Fasil Muhammed in 2016 and Pain Of Lust directed by Fasil Muhammed in 2017. Ijaaz has signed a few films including a yet to be titled film and Vadakkan Pangali. Besides acting in the films, Ijaaz Ebrahim has been promoting the films through his Oolas Media and Mollywood Mad Pvt. Ltd.

Another Version Of Bio :

Ijaaz Ebrahim is an Indian Actor. He works in the Malayalam Film Industry. His birth name is Mohammed Ijaas. Ijaas was born on the 3rd of March in the year 1998. He is from Edappal, Kerala. He is currently staying in Kochi, Kerala. His father’s name is M.V Iqbal, and his mother’s name is Nisha Iqbal. Ijaas completed his secondary schooling from The Ushus Senior Secondary School in Edappal, Kerala. He then moved to Bengaluru and completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Bangalore University in Bengaluru, Karnataka. He is dating an Engineering student from Chennai named Nivya. They have been dating since 2017. Ijaaz used to act in Theatre Dramas in his childhood.

He started acting in these skits at the age of six. He also appeared in a few short films produced by his friends. The short films in which he worked were “Paisa” (2014), “Sunday” (2015), “Otta” (2016), and “Pain of Lust” (2017). Ijaaz is a good friend of Arjun Ashokan Arjun Ashokan is an upcoming Indian actor in the M >> Read More... , who is the son of the director Harisree Ashokan Harisree Ashokan is a well-known Mollywood Actor, >> Read More... . Arjun knew about Ijaaz’s love for movies and how hardworking he is. So, he took some picture’s of Ijaaz and showed them to his father. That made Ijaaz get his first feature film role. He got the role of Younger Krishnan in the film “An International Local Story” (2019) a film directed by Harisree Ashokan. Now, Ijaaz is working on a few more projects, which are the pre production or shooting stages. 


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