RLV Ramakrishnan is the son of their south Indian family. He is an Indian film Actor. Ramakrishnan preferably works in the Malayalam film industry. He has been appreciated in many of his works and skills in front of the viewers. Ramakrishnan also has been credited for his successful film releases.

His latest movies to hit the theatres, which was of the comedy genre cinema, named Theetta Rappai, directed by Winu Ramakrishnan in the year 2018, where he was the male lead role along with his co-lead star Sonia Aggarwal.

In the next year 2019, he got the Malayalam drama genre movie, named Thamarakkunnile Bhadrapuranam, which is directed by Avira P Vargeese. Ramakrishnan has been working with various starts like K.P.A.C. Lalitha, Sasi Kalinga Sasi Kalinga is an Indian actor involved in Malaya >> Read More... Sasi Kalinga , Sonia Aggarwal, and many others as well.