Abinandhan Ramanujam

Other names of Abinandhan Ramanujam: Abinanadan Ramanujam

Abinandhan Ramanujam is an Indian cinematographer working in Malayalam and Hindi movies. Abinandhan was born in Chennai. He is graduated from L.V. Prasad Film and TV Academy and is a gold medalist from there. He later did a course in visual communication from GRD College, in Coimbatore. Since childhood Abinandhan was interested in photography. His father Ramanujam was a bank officer, who always encouraged him in his work. His father owned an old Yashica camera; he would practice his photography skills, and his father would monitor it as well give guidance on his photography. In school and college days, Abinandhan was very active and had participated in many filmmaking competitions. He used to keep himself busy with some or the other work which was related to filming.

The Postman is one of such film by Abinandhan which gained National award in best non-feature film category in 2009. Abinandhan got his first break from director Bejoy Nambiar. Nambiar was shooting for his MTV series Rush when Akshay, a friend of him who was assisting Nambiar spoke about Abinandhan. He was then called with his camera to Mumbai to be the DOP of the series. At this time, he had developed good contacts within the industry. It was during this period when Lijo Jose Pellissery who had even directed two episodes of the MTV series called up Abinandhan to be the DOP of the super-hit movie Amen. His latest movie Double Barrel is known for its extraordinary shots. Abinandhan has focused his camera in such a way that it has given a new look to Goa. He has given Goa a new look, which is just beyond the coconut trees and beaches.

The movie displays the talent of Abinandhan in the long shots, swinging shots and the slow motion shots. Besides filming, Abinandhan likes to travel and believes in originality of work. He is currently busy working with Bejoy Nambiar for a one-hour television film Dobara.

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Pradeesh M Varma

Pradeesh M Varma’s native place is Kerala but he lives in Bombay and is interested in travelling, designing. Hes has worked with different cameras. He started his career with shooting Music Videos, TV Commercials and Short Films, Corporate Films (as Independent Cinematographer) for feature films. In olden days, frames were the tough task. His movies are mesmerizing by framing a shot subjected to severe scrutiny to see anything modern there says Asir Ali. His films are in Malayalam one or two in Telugu movies celebrate silver jubilee. His movies created magic with his visuals in Asir Ali's latest picture, led by Vinaya Govind-movie's Kohinoor, 1988. While committing this film, Pradeesh was sure about this, he reckons it's not a project, it's an opportunity to show his natural endowment. The story happened in1988; Varma knew Vinaya (director) then he was VKP’s assistant. It later became associated with P. S. Vinod. To work in fixed places avoid every nostalgic feel, says Pradeesh. The main obstacle he faced was finding suitable locations for the film. "As the story stretches out over 27 years back, we had seen finalizing the locations as well. In that place there may not have been any drastic change in the mêlée, but there still some minute changes in buildings, vehicles. We accepted to pass about two months for the site hunt in north Kerala. The movie begins in India's place of Kerala-city was famous as the spice trades center. Director finally selects some places to make the film. He did the film in Kannur. Picture Ninety Percent makes at tandoori Kavu there, says Pradeesh. Pradeesh gave full credit to the art director and costume designer for finding apt locations for the shooting of Kohinoor. He started his career under the guidance of renowned cinematographer Lokanathan and later he worked with P.S. Vinod V.K. Prakash's stint with the Pradeesh. Prakash offered Pradeesh in his initial movie 'Pop pins’ to work as an assistant. Pradeesh got the opportunity to handle the camera for Vinaya's primary film Kill the boy. By film 1983, Pradesh became a complete Cinematographer -movies were Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal, 100Days of love. Pradeesh and Eva Pavithran tied the knot on August 26th in a star studded wedding ceremony. Eva was the daughter of late director VK Pavithran. The event included celebrities, including Jayaram and Parvati. Actress Anumolshared kept Eva's Mehndi function photos on her social media and shared to her friends.

Pradeesh M Varma Malayalam Actor