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Kannada Tv Actor Deepak Mahadev
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Deepak Mahadev is an actor who predominantly works in the Kannada TV industry. Born and bred in Bangalore, Deepak comes from a well-educated family, and he had his heart set on making it as an actor since his childhood. He has worked in several commercials and small roles in various TV shows, but his main claim to stardom came from the super hit TV serial known as Nayaki. Nayaki is a family-based soap opera which is televised on the Udaya TV and is one of the most currently popular shows. Deepak plays the lead role in the show.

Deepak is also a very popular Instagram influencer, he has a good number of fan following and he makes lots of videos and posts on Instagram. He is very passionate about motorcycles, he is a self-described ‘biker’. On his social media, Deepak posts a lot about his passion and love for bikes, and also about what are some of the best places to visit on a motorcycle.

Recently, Deepak got a tattoo on his neck which is similar to the neck tattoo superstar Darshan has in the movie Chowka. Deepak described the tattoo as an ode or a tribute to the love he has for Darshan.


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