Anusha Nayak Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Anusha Nayak is a young, bubbly actress in the cinema industry. She is the daughter of the voguish musician, Nagabhushan. Inspired by her father’s love and dedication for music, Anusha, too, learned Classical music and underwent training from some of the best musicians of India.

She was noticed by many because of her voice, but the next thing she knew, Anusha was cast into the movie Sri Ramadasu Click to look into! >> Read More... Sri Ramadasu when she was just in the seventh grade. Cinema was not a planned phase for her; in fact, Ms.Nayak fortuitously landed in films. Anusha likes to read and also studied science in college. She has sung for more than 200 devotional songs.

Hailing from an Orthodox Mangalorean family, she was not permitted to wear or take up title roles that were glamorous. So she turned down any parts that were against her principles. Finally, one day Kollywood director Vi Anand Vi Anand is a director along with the screenwriter >> Read More... Vi Anand approached Anusha for one of the title roles of his film, Appuchi Graamam Click to look into! >> Read More... Appuchi Graamam . Anusha has also cast in many traditional title roles for various TV series.

Anusha has stated that she prefers the silver screen when compared to films as it is more time consuming, and she is more familiar and comfortable with the pattern of TV series.