Vainidhi Jagdish

Other names of Vainidhi Jagdish: Vanidhi Jagdish
Vainidhi Jagdish Kannada Actress
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Vanidhi Jagdish is an Indian film actress in Kannada movies. She was born and bought up in Bangalore. She belongs to the filmy family, her father, Jai Jagdish, is an actor, mother Vijayalakshmi Singh Vijayalakshmi Singh is a Kannada film actress who >> Read More... Vijayalakshmi Singh is a popular actor, director, producer, writer, and two sister (actress). Shewas first introduced as an actress in the Kannada film Yaanaa 2019, directed by her mother, along with her two sisters.

Vanidhi Jagdish is a multi-talented actor, and producer. She was also known for Kannada Big boss 2014and started her journey from there. In 2017, she was one of the contestants in the pageant show Style Icon Of The Year and also featured in Youtube videos along with her sister titled, How Far Can You Go.