B N Krishnamurthy Kannada Actor
Other Skills
    - Producer

B. N. Krishnamurthy is a Kannada film producer who got associated with two movies. One is ‘Kaveri Nagar’ (2013) which had an initial release on 24 May 2013. Film's director was Ravi Manjunath who even wrote the screenplay for the movie. The film producer was B. N Krishnamurthy.

In the year 2016, he produced another movie 'Nan Love Track' with Naveen Sharma Naveen Sharma has established himself as an extrem >> Read More... Naveen Sharma . The film was directed by Kathir who made a debut in the Kannada language with this film. Earlier, he had directed successful Tamil movies like Idhayam(1991), Kadhal Desam (1996), and Kadhalar Dhinam(1999).

Kathir wrote the script too for this Kannada flick. The film starred Rakshit Gowda Rakshit is a Kannada actor. He has acted both on t >> Read More... Rakshit Gowda and Nidhi Kushalappa Nidhi is an Indian model and an actress. Nidhi Kus >> Read More... Nidhi Kushalappa and the music was composed by Praveen Shyam Prasanna and cinematography was by Omar. The film released in February 2016.

Who says that only movies with an enormous budget and an elaborate cast are the ones that make it headlines? A movie can be even average budge just on the support of its low profile actors and not so big banner.

Nowadays Kannada film industry is only making progress with storyline and characters. Such movies get released without any hype but get a limited response too from the audiences and may not score gold at the box office.

It is probably a new trend in the Southern film industry that small and medium-sized movies have taken up the over-big budget films that do not score high at the box office.  Hence, we can state that B.N. Krishnamoorthy is growing up as a medium-budget filmmaker in Sandalwood.