Shashidhar Kote Kannada Actor

Shashidhar Kote is an Indian musician who worked for the Kannada film industry. He also worked as an actor in some movies. Kote was born in Kalanja village in Mangalore, Karnataka. He got his Master's degree from Mangalore University in English literature and was a lecturer in the same university for three consecutive years. He also organized some events, one of which was Geetha Chitra, where music and painting programs were held. Some serials in which Kote worked are Triveni Sangama Triveni Sangama is an Indian-Kannada language Dram >> Read More... Triveni Sangama , Kanaka, Meenakshi Maduve The marriage is the important point in all of our >> Read More... Meenakshi Maduve , and Gejjepooje.