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Priyanka M Jain Kannada Actress

Priyanka M Jain

Usually, we hear that it was the dream of the actor or actress to showcase their talent on the silver screen, but in the very extraordinary case you’ll see that one entered this glittering world to fulfill his/her parent’s dream. It is not a dream but story of a budding actress of Tollywood, Priyanka M Jain. Priyanka has been in the industry since last four years. For the initial 2 two years, she worked as an extra, and side by side was giving auditions for a lead role. She landed in Goli Soda, a Kannada flick in the lead and got her big break. But what makes Priyanka’s story more sensitive and touching is her reason to enter this tinsel town. Priyanka’s mother wanted to be an actress, but her dreams and desires never rose as during those days girls belonging to reputed families didn’t choose acting as a profession. Priyanka once said in a press conference that this is her mother’s childhood dream which never got fulfilled. But once she was born her mother passed on the baton to her and she wants to live this dream and make her mother proud. Her mother has been her constant support, and that is the reason that a young girl of almost 20 years is working opposite many legendary actors. Goli Soda, a remake already made in Tamil but still, Priyanka found it very exciting to work in a remake. She was asked a lot many times that her decision may prove dangerous for her as the Tamil version has already set a benchmark and the comparison with the original one was bound to happen. But this young lady who is yet in her teens said that she is not feeling any pressure and is going to give her best. She was made to see the original movie many times so that she can adapt and fit in the role of the female lead. ‘Goli Soda’ released in 2016. It was not a big hit but gave Priyanka a recognition among the audiences of Tollywood industry. She is getting many scripts right now, but there is no confirmation of her signing any new film. She recently quoted in an interview that she is not getting any challenging roles and she doesn’t want to stereotype herself that too when her career is at a nascent stage.