Birthday: 06-12-1992
Age: 26
Star sign: Capricorn


Mrudhula Bhaskar is an Indian actress who was born on 6 December 1992. She was born in Banglore. Mrudhula Bhaskar is also known by another name called Naveena. Her main occupation is modeling and acting. She approbates the classical dance form called Bharatnatyam, and this dance has helped her with her acting skills and career. She says that it requires a million of expressions to convey the message to the audience. That kind of expressions can be learned by the renowned form of classical dance. The sole reason she was selected for her first role in her career was due to her affluent ways of expressing things in her eyes. Surprisingly, she was never interested in acting. But due to the extreme persuasion by the director of the Vallinam, she decided to accede.

Basker’s last movie was a Tamil sports dramatic movie popularly known as Vallinam. In the film, she has been cast opposite Nakul. The movie is basically about a basketball game which entwines various aspects of life like companionship, adoration, devotion and societal norms. Working in this movie was a good experience for her; she admired her pairing actor and the script of the movie. She felt that the movie was an amalgamation of good actors, directors, producers and the overall story of the movie. She feels it’s very essential for any movie actor to have a very delightful environment to work in. She senses that how important it is to have a co-actor who reassures you with your acting skills if you don’t have such kind of assistance from your peers that you will never be able to bring out the best in you.

The current news says that there is a possibility of casting Mrudhula Bhaskar in the sequel movie of Ram Gopal Verma’s Ice Cream 2 which is of a Telugu thriller genre. Ram announced this news by the use of social media- Facebook.


Mythriya Gowda is an Indian actress-cum-model of Kannada origin. She was born in Nagamangala Taluk, Mandya district of Karnataka. Her father is a farmer, and mother is a high school teacher. She was born in a very small village, but garnered the success needed to enter the Kannada film industry. Mythriya is a very passionate lady when related to her work. She has appeared mainly in Kannada language films. She had spent her childhood in Nagamangala Taluk. Her family had shifted to Bangalore for their children’s education. Mythriya is also known as Shivani. She has a sister name Supriya, a model for small commercial brands. In 2004, her two movies got released in Sandalwood industry. The name of the two movies are ‘Maurya’ (19 October) and ‘Chapple’ (28 December). Again, in January 2005, her next movie got released name ‘Surya the Great’. This movie was a big hit in Sandalwood industry. She also acted in ‘Hrudaya I Miss You’ (July 2008). ‘Topiwala’ released in March 2013 and this was her come back movie in the acting field. This movie was a big hit earning 35 million in its opening weekend. She took part in Dancing Star 2 (a reality show telecasted on ETV Kannada), which enhanced her dancing skills. All the movies she has acted in have turned out to become a big hit and have led to many awards. Despite her success, she is indulged in many controversies. The most complicated one is related to her marriage. Actress Gowda made alleges that she had married Karthik Gowda, son of DV Sadananda Gowda’s. But Karthik got married to someone else in front of his family and friends. Then, the twist came in this case when director Rishi claimed that he had married the actress ten years ago. They fell in love at the time of shooting the movie, ‘Surya the Great’. Moreover, her mother denied all the allegations made by director Rishi. She (her mother) said that when the movie, ‘Surya the Great, was being shot, her daughter was only sixteen years old. The court has not yet pronounced the verdict. Another Version of this Bio... Mythriya Gowda is a Kannada actress. She did not do well in the industry as she did not have many films to her credit, but Mythriya got to fame after her alleged affair and controversy with Karthik Gowda, son of D V Sadanand Gowda, Union Minister of India, and former Railway Minister. Mythriya started her career by modeling, and then later, tried to make her career in acting. She filed a complaint against Karthik on August 30, 2014, of rape and cheating against him when Karthik got engaged to another girl. She claimed that they got married to each other in his Mangalore house on June 5, 2014, in front of Karthik’s driver.

Mythriya-Gowda Kannada Actress