Yogesh Mahajan is a Marathi actor and film director whose edgy, intense style has brought him acclaim in such hits as ‘Zale Mokale Aakash’, ‘Saheb’, and ‘Hirva Kunku’. 
Actor Yogesh Mahajan graduated with a master diploma in visual communication, film making and advertising in 2002 from Jamia Millia Islamia. From the moment his star first shined in Hirva Kunku, Mahajan has brought a raw, powerful edge to his roles. His TV series Ekach Maleche Mani received the Doordarshan TV award for the best comedy in 2007. 
Yogesh Mahajan’s big introduction to mainstream audiences came in 1 Navra 3 Bayka, directed by Shailendra Rajput. He co-starred with famous personalities like Milind Gunaji Actor Milind Gunaji has appeared in such films lik >> Read More... Milind Gunaji and Shailendra Rajput himself. His follow up role in Sansarachi Maya won him equal praise from critics.
While we are yet to find out about this extravagant personalities early life, not much is known about his personal life either. He is rumored to have taken a ‘backpack trip’ after his hit ‘1 Navra 3 Bayka’ in 2009 and later married a well known Bhojpuri actress Seema Pandey Seema Pandey is a beautiful actor and model of Bol >> Read More... Seema Pandey on 27th of January, 2010 at Karl Residency in Andheri. In his early years, he also volunteered in The National Service Scheme, and served under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports for a period of 8 months. In an interview conducted by India TV, Mahajan talks about his period of life as enriching and enigmatic. He also remarked about how the national service scheme helped him acquire the leadership qualities and instilled within him a wholesome sense of responsibility. It is with this thought, that he had a notion to revolutionize Marathi cinema.