Yogesh Mahajan is a Marathi actor and film director whose edgy, intense style has brought him acclaim in such hits as ‘Zale Mokale Aakash’, ‘Saheb’, and ‘Hirva Kunku’. 
Actor Yogesh Mahajan graduated with a master diploma in visual communication, film making and advertising in 2002 from Jamia Millia Islamia. From the moment his star first shined in Hirva Kunku, Mahajan has brought a raw, powerful edge to his roles. His TV series Ekach Maleche Mani received the Doordarshan TV award for the best comedy in 2007. 
Yogesh Mahajan’s big introduction to mainstream audiences came in 1 Navra 3 Bayka, directed by Shailendra Rajput. He co-starred with famous personalities like Milind Gunaji Actor Milind Gunaji has appeared in such films lik >> Read More... and Shailendra Rajput himself. His follow up role in Sansarachi Maya won him equal praise from critics.
While we are yet to find out about this extravagant personalities early life, not much is known about his personal life either. He is rumored to have taken a ‘backpack trip’ after his hit ‘1 Navra 3 Bayka’ in 2009 and later married a well known Bhojpuri actress Seema Pandey Seema Pandey is a beautiful actor and model of Bol >> Read More... on 27th of January, 2010 at Karl Residency in Andheri. In his early years, he also volunteered in The National Service Scheme, and served under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports for a period of 8 months. In an interview conducted by India TV, Mahajan talks about his period of life as enriching and enigmatic. He also remarked about how the national service scheme helped him acquire the leadership qualities and instilled within him a wholesome sense of responsibility. It is with this thought, that he had a notion to revolutionize Marathi cinema.
Krishna - Kannada Kannada Actor

Krishna - Kannada

Born in Mysore, Karnataka in India on June 12th 1985, Sunil Nagappa was a notable producer and actor in the South Indian film industry. Sunil adopted the stage name Krishna, and most people remember him because of his stage name. Krishna mainly was an actor and acted in popular films and serials in Sandalwood industry. He became a familiar face on TV with the famous serial, Krishna Rukmini. Krishna held a degree in MBA, and his father worked as a police officer. Krishna’s father’s name was Nagappa, and they belonged to Sakleshpur, a town in Karnataka. Krishna came from a non-acting background as none of his parents were in this business. Still, his acting skills and talent made him reach this far. Krishna had an inclination towards acting since he was young and decided to pursue his passion by starting acting in daily soaps. Krishna became famous because of his part in the Kannada TV program, Krishna Rukmini. Krishna Rukmini used to broadcast on Suvarna TV channel and narrated the love story of Krishna and Rukmini and their attempts to make their relationship better. Krishna and Rukmini were total opposites but still they tried everything to maintain a stable relationship. This show received a great response from the viewers. After the success of this TV serial, Krishna worked in plenty of Kannada movies. He started by working in the department of direction in the film, ‘Jackie’, which released in the year 2010. After that, he got to play a small role in the movie, ‘Hudugaru’ (2011). This flick narrated the story of three young guys who aspire to become something and move to Dubai, but their life takes a turn for the worse. Krishna’s first prominent role came with the flick, ‘Madrangi’, produced by Krishna’s father, ‘Nagappa’. This film did good numbers at the box-office. After that, Krishna never looked back and went ahead to act in movies like Nam Duniya Nam Style, Hai Krishna, Rudra Tandava, and ‘Charlie’. He played pivotal roles in these movies and rose to the pinnacle of fame. However, his success was short-lived as he was stabbed to death in the year 2015. It was because of some personal rivalry between Krishna and his friends. Krishna went to a temple with his family, and his mother was praying in Maramma temple while his friends murdered him. Krishna didn’t share a good relationship with his murderer friends because of some financial clashes between them. In 2014, a case also got registered against Krishna for trying to kill a friend of him. But soon he got the bail. Krishna had a total of eight cases filed against him.


Karthik Shetty

Karthik Shetty is an India actor and director who hails from Mumbai, India. He was born on July 4, 1987, for Vijay Shetty and Sulatha Shetty. His parents are basically from Udupi and Karkala, Karnataka. He is famous for his Marathi movie "Than Than Gopal". EARLY LIFE He started his education in Don Bosco school located in Mumbai, India. Then it's known to have later continued with Jai Hind College. He then found his inclination towards his acting skills and got himself enrolled in the Film school in Mumbai. He started his acting career in Marathi and many Tulu movies. He is one of the recognized child theater artists. He is highly talented with an experience of learning martial arts in Mua Thai in Singapore. He has also pursued many known courses in scriptwriting and direction. He is also known to be a very far off relative is Kannada famous singer, Guru Kiran. He is often referred as multi-talented, for his interest and his achievements in the rare sport called Polo. CAREER Karthik Shetty is known to have entered the film industry by a Marathi movie "Bhakti Heech Khari Shakti" released in the year 2006. Although he made his Marathi debut, he is known for his acting in Kannada movies and is referred as a Kannada actor. His acting skills were highly significant in the Kannada movie "Karthik", that released in 2011. And the movie "Agni Mushti", that related in 2012. He has portrayed his characters with almost excellence. Another Version Of Karthik Shetty: Karthik Shetty is an actor and filmmaker in the Indian film industry, and has worked in different languages. He was born as Prajwal Shetty on 4th July, in the year 1987, to father Vijay B. Shetty and to mother, Sulatha V. Shetty. He was born in the city of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. He completed his higher secondary education from Don Bosco International School located in Matunga East, in Mumbai. He later attended the Jai Hind College, affiliated to the University of Mumbai, where he has completed his graduation. After that, he joined Digital Academy, a film and television institute located in the East of Andheri in Mumbai. He moved to Singapore and underwent training in ‘Mua Thai’, a martial arts form, for over four months. He made his entry into the industry of cinema by taking on the role of director when he was just 19 years old. He made his debut as a director through the Marathi film, ‘Bhakti Heech Khari Shakti’, which was released in the year 2007. The film was well received by the Marathi audience and critics. He made his debut as an actor in the action flick, ‘Yuvah’, which was in Kannada, and released in the year 2009. Prajwal was given a new name for his acting debut, and thus, Prajwal Shetty became Kartik Shetty. In the year 2011, he appeared in another Kannada flick, ‘Karthik’, alongside Archana Gupta. Some of his best works are, ‘Agni Mushti’, a Kannada film which was released in the year 2012. Then came ‘Bhagawan Nityananda’, in 2014, ‘Rainbow Colony’, also in 2014, ‘Red’, a Kannada film in 2014, and ‘Karab Duniya’, among others. ‘Than Than Gopal’ is one of Kartik’s best as a director and was released on October 30th in 2015. It made about four crore Indian Rupees in the box office and stars Suzanne Bernert, Vivek Chabukswar, and Milind Gunaji.  

Karthik Shetty Kannada Actor