Nirup Bhandari Kannada Actor
Other Skills

The good looking actor Nirup Bhandari is the brother of new debutant Kannada film director Anup Bhandari Anup is one of the most talented people that we ca >> Read More... Anup Bhandari , who had recently directed the film Rangi Taranga Click to look into! >> Read More... Rangi Taranga . Before making debut in the film, he was an SAP engineer since 2006. While his brother Arup migrated to the US and worked in Infosys, the actor Nirup was working in Bengaluru only, It was only when he had accompanied his father Sudhakar Bhandari(a tele-serial maker) on sets of the soap operas in Mysore, he had felt that acting was something that he was looking for.

But his father did neither want him nor his brother to get into movies as there are a lot of ups, and down, his father made it clear to two brothers that they complete their studies first. But the family used to discuss a lot with their father on tele-serial projects that had launched many new faces in tinsel town. This discussion had made Nirup Bhandari to think if he could be suitable to get a break in movies too. Later on, when Arup Bhandari wanted to launch his new project (Rangi Taranga), he thought of his brother to play the lead role in the film.

The film changed not only the fate of this SAP engineer but made the industry too proud. The film Rangi Taranga is running to packed houses and the ratings given by critics has made the Bhandari family brothers to go ahead now with two more projects. Probably, Arup Bhandari will start with pre-production in one-and-a-half months and decide which one to choose to begin with. As of now, Arup Bhandari has decided Nirup to play the lead for his second new project. As the film’ Rangi Taranga’ was removed from certain theatres in North Karnataka as ‘Baahubali ‘and ‘Bajarangi Bhaijaan’ had a simultaneous release in maximum prints, Arup has requested the theatre-owners in Mysore to screen the film back. The film ‘Rangi Taranga’ has already released in the European market and it will be seen across Canada, England, USA, UK and Australia too very soon.

Although the film is creating a magic in the box office, the actor name (Nirup Bhandari) is making huge rounds at social networking sites. Because the actor has got engaged after the film was released but the date of marriage is not announced yet. Anup Bhandari is engaged to Dhanya, who is employed in California but is a traditional Mysore-girl. The actor wants to get settled soon with marriage, and their engagement was held in a function in Karnataka. When will he tie the knot? Buzz is that Rangi Taranga will be remade in Hindi now. Will Ashutosh Gowariker cast him in the Hindi version then?