The maverick director of Kannada film industry Duniya Soori has introduced this film actor Vicky in his latest flick Kendasampige. This year has been really a good year for all the new debutants in Sandalwood. The new actors were not trained in acting, but their talent and good acting have really impressed the viewers. The new hero in Sandalwood is Vicky among them. His real name is Santhosh. This actor had changed name to Vicky with this new film. Hereafter the Kannada film industry will know Santhosh by Vicky always. Santhosh, who made his Sandalwood debut through Kendasampige was actually Soori's driver and associate director in the past. When the director was on a lookout for a new face for the film Kendasampige, he felt Santhosh could fit into the character and could also become an ideal actor. Thus, the director gave him an offer and Santhosh too readily agreed to play the role of a lover in the film opposite another new debutante lady Manvita Harish (Shwetha). It was difficult for him to reject the offer and thus the actor came to limelight. As he has not signed any film so far, one can only hope that many new promising scripts will be in his hands soon. His parents, who were movie buffs allowed Santhosh to see a movie every week without fail. That is how he developed an interest in films. The dream turned into passion and he managed to get introduced to Yograj Bhat (who was working as assistant director to Duniya Soori). Thus Vicky (Santhosh) became another team member in director Soori’s team.

Although he has been getting offers, his motive is to direct a movie soon. He has seen few scripts and hope to make it work along with other colleagues involved in the whole team of director Duniya Soori. Apart from listening to music, his passion is to learn everything about films. One has to watch and see what this new actor has for the film lovers.
S Narayan Kannada Actor

S Narayan

Narayan started his career as a director with the romance Chaitrada Premanjali. And now he is known for his skills as a Kannada actor, director, writer, producer, music composer, etc. Chaitrada Premanjali was a very successful film and after that, he directed many more blockbuster hit movies in Kannada. He tried almost all the branches and was successful in every face. The best one remembered by people is his acting skills. Narayan is now one of the most successful directors in Kannada film industry. He is the second director in the industry to work with actor Rajkumar and his three sons. His debut film as a director was in 1992. After that, he usually has, at least, one release in a year. He directed himself in 1994, in the film Megha Maale, where he played a supporting role. Later he directed himself in many other hits. "Veerappa Nayaka" and "Suryavamsha" are one of his directed flicks with Dr. Vishnuvardhan as the main lead. He directed Dr. Rajkumar in his movie "Shabdavedhi" and that turned out to be a great success. In 2006, Narayan introduced his son Pankaaj as a child artist but to his bad luck, it didn't work out much. One of his hits “Cheluvina Chittara” was in a big conflict because of its main lead actress Amoolya. This movie invited lots of criticism by everyone because of her age. The same year, Narayan had issues with actor Vijay over a dubbing issue for the movie "Chanda" and it caused a year-long ban to be imposed on Vijay. The issue was sorted out with the intervention of veteran actor Ambarish but resulted in the actor vowing never to work with Narayan again. Narayan took on the lead role for the first time in the HN Shankar film, “Oho”. He later directed himself in the lead roles for "Tayee Kotta Seere" and "Bhama Satyabhama." He was cherished a lot for his comic role in his self-directed movie, and so he continued that comic role in his other movies too. Narayan will next be seen in director SV Rajendra Singh Babu 's "Thipparalliya Tharlegalu" alongside Ambareesh and director Om Prakash Rao. Narayan is even a very famous Kannada daily soap director. He directed many of them such as "Bhageerati," " Ambika" and "Sumati." People and industry wish to see him grow even more successful in life.


Nirup Bhandari

The good looking actor Nirup Bhandari is the brother of new debutant Kannada film director Anup Bhandari, who had recently directed the film Rangi Taranga. Before making debut in the film, he was an SAP engineer since 2006. While his brother Arup migrated to the US and worked in Infosys, the actor Nirup was working in Bengaluru only, It was only when he had accompanied his father Sudhakar Bhandari(a tele-serial maker) on sets of the soap operas in Mysore, he had felt that acting was something that he was looking for.  But his father did neither want him nor his brother to get into movies as there are a lot of ups, and down, his father made it clear to two brothers that they complete their studies first. But the family used to discuss a lot with their father on tele-serial projects that had launched many new faces in tinsel town. This discussion had made Nirup Bhandari to think if he could be suitable to get a break in movies too. Later on, when Arup Bhandari wanted to launch his new project (Rangi Taranga), he thought of his brother to play the lead role in the film.  The film changed not only the fate of this SAP engineer but made the industry too proud. The film Rangi Taranga is running to packed houses and the ratings given by critics has made the Bhandari family brothers to go ahead now with two more projects. Probably, Arup Bhandari will start with pre-production in one-and-a-half months and decide which one to choose to begin with. As of now, Arup Bhandari has decided Nirup to play the lead for his second new project. As the film’ Rangi Taranga’ was removed from certain theatres in North Karnataka as ‘Baahubali ‘and ‘Bajarangi Bhaijaan’ had a simultaneous release in maximum prints, Arup has requested the theatre-owners in Mysore to screen the film back. The film ‘Rangi Taranga’ has already released in the European market and it will be seen across Canada, England, USA, UK and Australia too very soon.  Although the film is creating a magic in the box office, the actor name (Nirup Bhandari) is making huge rounds at social networking sites. Because the actor has got engaged after the film was released but the date of marriage is not announced yet. Anup Bhandari is engaged to Dhanya, who is employed in California but is a traditional Mysore-girl. The actor wants to get settled soon with marriage, and their engagement was held in a function in Karnataka. When will he tie the knot? Buzz is that Rangi Taranga will be remade in Hindi now. Will Ashutosh Gowariker cast him in the Hindi version then?

Nirup Bhandari Kannada Actor