Kannada Dubbing ( 0 - 3 )

Pooja Gandhi

P. Ravi Shankar


Dubbing, Mixing, Or Re-Recording

Dubbing, Mixing, Or Re-Recording Is An After Generation Procedure Utilized In Film Making And Video Production In Which Extra Or Strengthening Accounts Are "Mixed" With Unique Creation Sound To Make The Completed Soundtrack. Dubbing, In Film Making, The Way Toward Including New Exchange Or Different Sounds To The Sound Track Of A Movie That Has Just Been Shot.

Dubbing Is Most Commonplace To Spectators As A Methods For Making An Interpretation Of Foreign Films Into The Audience's Language. At The Point When An Unknown Dialect Is Named, The Interpretation Of The First Discourse Is Deliberately Coordinated To The Lip Developments Of The Entertainers In The Film. Dubbed Sound Tracks Rarely Equivalent The Imaginative Nature Of Unique Unknown Foreign Sound Tracks, However, And Thus Captions Might Be Favored By Watchers As A Methods For Understanding The Exchange In Foreign Movies.

The Filmmakers Of Some Countries Rely On Dubbing To Supply The Sound Track Of An Entire Film, Because The Technique Can Be Less Expensive And Troublesome Than Synchronized Filming.