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Kannada Director Rams Ranga
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Rams Ranga is a famous Indian film director. His work in Kannada cinema is what he is best known for. “Iravan,” Ranga's previous film, was released in theaters in 2021.

“Iravan” is a suspense thriller directed by Rams Ranga. The primary protagonists of the film are Adhviti Shetty, JK, and Vivek. KM Prakash edited the movie, and Pradeep Varma wrote the screenplay. Devendra shot the movie. “Niranthara Productions,” Dr. Niranthara's production company, produced the film.

“Iravan” is directed by Ram Ranga, a debutant. He has worked as an associate in several other movies. Adhvithi Shetty Adhvithi Shetty is an Indian actress and model, po >> Read More... and Vivek are also featured in “Iravan.” The film’s story is centered around three prominent characters. The Kannada film “Iravan” is centered around a sequence of murders. The plot is centered around the question of whether the three characters are criminals.

Arjuna's son is known as Iravan in “ Mahabharata Mahabharata is a Bengali cartoon that aired on the >> Read More... .” Iravan played a crucial role in the war, although he is unknown. He is also known as the Conqueror of the Seas.


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