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A new era in Indian cinema for children movies ushered in, when Prithvi Konanur’s second film ‘ Railway Children Click to look into! >> Read More... Railway Children ’ was released. His film ‘Railway Children’ clicked so well in the film festivals around the globe, that the director is overjoyed now!

Railway Children is an irresistibly honest and beautifully judged tale of rugged children of the railway. It is a must of steam-railway buffs and is also for those who love to hear the tales of the underprivileged children’ life surrounding the railway! It is a movie against harsh odds of rugged children lifestyle!

Prithvi Konanur is a very  Tech-savvy person. After working in the IT industry for about four years, he completed his diploma in filmmaking from the New York Film Academy, Lost Angeles.He later made his debut as a director with film ‘Alegalu’ which was released in 2012.  His short film ‘A Conditional Truce,’ shot in Sri Lanka,  was well received in the International Film Festival circuit.

For his debut film ‘Alegalu’, Prithvi Konanur wrote the script and the film were edited by Pradeep Nayak Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Pradeep Nayak . The film had featured actors like Maohnara Bhatt and Aboobakar Siddiq in the lead roles.

The story is about two nine-year-old kids Putta and Basu who are habitual of doing some pranks in their daily lives. When Basu's widowed mother wants to get married with a distant relative, it causes unrest to him. He forges his mother’s signature on his report card, only to get caught by the teacher. Similarly, Putta’s mother caught him stealing money too.

Next comes Basu’s grandma who tells a story that whoever goes to the distant island in the sea and leaves something behind for Panjurli, gets their wish fulfilled. So Basu and Putta embark upon a dangerous adventure in their small wooden dinghy on the sea to find out the truth!

This film was screened at major International Film Festivals, including Osian’s Cinefan Film Festival (India), Roshd International Educational Film (Iran), and Toronto Kids International film festival (Canada).  The film was even screened at the  Indian Film Festival Stuttgart, Germany, in 2013.

Even though both his first and second films deal only with children’s sentiment and lifestyle, so far his first movie had limited screening and less-budgeted, and the second one is facing refusal from the distributors.. While 'Alegalu' talked about our kids total faith in religion, the other film’ Railway Children dealt with many issues facing by children on matters like abuses, crime, drugs addiction, etc.

The film ‘Railway Children’ was produced by a partial crowd-funded mode. Later on, it was Chetana Gokul, Don Thompson Don Thompson is a Canadian actor who is among the >> Read More... Don Thompson and Gangadhar N Birthi too, who was the main producer of the movie.

Besides from financial constraints, other issues like scouting for appropriate child actors was another difficult task for the director. He visited over 30 schools and colleges to find right actors for the movie and even had held workshops for 20 days. Finally, as we all know -Manohara, Yash Shetty Yash Shetty is an Indian actor who predominantly a >> Read More... Yash Shetty , Pari, Syed Pervez, Akash, Srikanth, and others were chosen for the roles.

For his upcoming next project, he is trying to collaborate with a European co-producer. This project too will deal with issues of modern India and it will be a bigger project than ‘Railway Children’.‘Railway Children’ is not just a great children's movie, it is also a major contender for ‘Best Films of all Times’. It will be loved for generations, thanks to the storytelling, characterization, emotional depth and sheer intelligence of Prithvi Konanur ‘s filmmaking.