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Kannada Movie Actor Yash Shetty
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Yash Shetty is an Indian actor who predominantly acts in Kannada movies. Remember his role as Sainath Rao in the movie 'Noorondu Nenapu' which has been directed by Kumaresh M and released in 2017.  This film is a remake of Sanjay Jadhav's Marathi film ‘Duniyadari’ based on a novel by Suhas Shirvalkar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , which goes by the same name.

Later on, one can easily identify with the character of ‘Solution’ aka Yash Shetty in Prithvi Konanur's award-winning movie ' Railway Children Click to look into! >> Read More... ' (2016). To play the role of Sainath Rao, he had to add extra weight to his physique and even had his face totally shaved off.

Yash Shetty can easily venture an incredibly complex part that demands any actor to convey turbulent emotions well beyond even artistic imagination. His role as Sainath Rao simply moved the Kannada audiences.

Sometimes, he is too loud, harsh and rigid in the character, which makes the performance all the more heartbreaking. He wants to give a touch of variety in his every role that he performs as he thinks that variety is the spice of life too!

 After his mind-blowing performance in 'Noorondu Nenapu', he has been flooded with offers. Above all,  he is getting 'thumbs up' from his fans across the state now.  He will be soon seen in movies like ‘Samhara’ and ‘Atharva’, where he will be essaying negative roles.

Also, he will be portraying a doctor character in ‘ Trataka Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, and in ‘Saligrama’, he will be playing an elderly black magician. In each of this character, he has to have different body languages and different faces too.

Finally, one must give him credit for his performance in ‘Railway Children’ where he looked really brutish and like a gangster who could play ruthlessly with the kids’ imaginary vision and mold them as spoilt brats. His one look was enough to tell us the story of a street villain!


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