H. Vasu is a manager in the South Indian flick business. He made his entrance in the year 1999, with the show, Drona. H Vasu is renowned for aiming the cinemas, Indha (2008)and Bhagavan (2004). His future movie, Viraat, is set to publicize in January 2016. Another Kollywood picture is going to be created in Sandalwood, and this time around it’s the Dhanush-starter Polladhavan. It’s going to Formas Punda. Speaking about the show, which will be shaped by Kuppuswamy, manager H Vasu says, Polladhavan is an international subject, and they selected Yogi because he’s appropriate for the movie. Was Yogi nominated because he gets equaled to Dhanush? Perceived that they impart a lot of connections.

But they chose the fresh actor because, as the personality, he’s also passionate about motorcycles. That apart, his dates were willingly available, explains Vasu. Ramya, aka Divya Spandana Divya Spandana, born on November 29, 1982, known >> Read More... , who featured conflicting Dhanush in the original, allegedly didn’t fit the bill for there-creation. Vasu says Ramya was very acute to do their construction. In fact, she contacted them for the project. But they had to take the age aspect into liberation. Ramya has showcased opposite actors like Darshan and Upendra.

She would seem like 19-year-old Yogis also if they were to cast her in the movie. But wouldn’t have Ramya in the flick be a lure for Sandalwood spectators? Though Ramya was decent in the Tamil account, Dhanush got all the courtesy because everyone in Kollywood is passionate about him. They’re making the fault of re-forming Polladhavan, he must at least make this alteration in the film, giggles Vasu. But the manager is happy with newcomer Akanksha, who’ll star conflicting Yogi in Punda. He saw Akanksha in Nanyaru, in which she frolicked a humble girl.

But when he saw her glam photographs, he felt she was picture-perfect for the role. And since Akanksha is a novice, she won’t make trouble about the filming timetable, says Vasu, who’ll start shooting the picture from June 11. The flick will be enfolded up in 78 days. The photographing for Darshan starter 'Virat' recommenced on Tuesday day break at the Freedom Square in Bangalore. The shoot is ongoing after a two-year break. Darshan starter 'Virat' being guided by H Vasu was propelled a few years back at the Kanteerava Workshops in Bangalore.

But the filming was interrupted due to various challenges. Later there was a newsflash that another creator SIFCC president C Kalyan has took over the development from the earlier maker Ratnakumar, and the scheme would start soon. However, Darshan had observed during the audio announcement of ' Ambarisha Click to look into! >> Read More... ' that he would remain in the picture if his clauses get fulfilled.

B Suresha Kannada Actor

B Suresha

Bessu Suresha is a Kanada movie producer and the director of many serials in the Kanada industry. Suresha has graduated as a Chemical engineer. Dr.Vijayamma, Suresha’s mother has encouraged and guided few people in pursuing their career. He is married to Shylaja Nag who is also a sensual producer of many feature films, television serials in Kanada and the head of their production house “Media House” which is intended to provide a great future for young and passionate talents in the industry. In the initial days of his career he was the supervisor quality control at BHEL EPD, Bangalore and then he decided to pursue his passion. He gave up his regular job and scripted many ghost stories becoming a full-time writer. His first film was Mithileya Seetheyaru released on 29th August 1988, which gave him a satisfying outcome and encouraged him to indulge in more projects. After meeting Ravichandran, his life was reaching new heights with a series of success stories as he entered the commercial cinema industry and attained good stability in the Kanada movie scene. In the late 90’s he made a debut in Kanada serial industry, which helped him explore his creaativity. His debut started with GP Rajaratnam’s poetry for children and later he continued with “Sadhane” which was telecasted on Doordarshan Kanada, which had received good reviews from the audience and is considered a good hit of 90’s .His contribution to Kanada serials include a few award- winning hits like GuptaGamini telecasted on ETV Kanada, Naku Tanthi, Thakadhimi. Naku Tanthi is a mega-serial directed by B Suresha, telecasted on Udaya Tv which depicted the obstacles of a woman Mahamate, protagnist of the series and how she tackled and kept going in life taking care of her family. Naku Tanthi received many awards and rewards as audience were able to connect well with story. All these contributions to Kanada serial industry shows that he strongly  believes in his idea “television is loud compared to films as these are short stories” and he also added that while directing serials his main focus would be on dialogues. On the other side of the coin he has done suboptimal movies in Kanada film industry. Mithileya Seetheyaru was his first movie released in 29th August 1988 as a screenplay director. Puttakkana Highway marked a milestone in his career as a director, starring Prakash Raj and Shruti in the lead roles released on 20 May 2011. The movie was all about various dimensions of land acquisition scam in a remote villages where the main occupation is farming. Puttakkana Highway won a National Award for the best regional film for the year 2010-2011 and another award in 4th Bengaluru International film festival 2011. Sakkare movie released in 2014 was produced jointly by Suresha and his wife Shylaja under their Media House Productions. Devara Naadalli was another turning point in his career, a political squeaker film starring Prakash raj and Manu hedge in leading roles. This Kanada flick directed by multi-skilled director Suresha is an upshot of his inspiration from Times of India article in 1998. Uppina Kagada, released in 2017 was an award winning flick which featured a girl who wanders around in search of her father, she then meets a man on the river bank. The versatile director Suresha has a broad-minded opinion that everything should not be driven by profit rather it has to be “welfare driven,” and more interest has to be given to telecast of relevant programs for kids. His views about dubbing and remakes is that it is liking raping, others creative work gives major innovative goals to upcoming directors.


Jaya Gaja Venkatesh

Jaya Gaja Venkatesh is a film director by profession in the Indian film industry. He hails from the Southern parts of India and is a very talented figure of the South Indian cinema. He also works as a screenplay writer, story writer, dialogue writer, and a lyricist as well. He works mainly in the Kannada film industry. In his film “Aham,” he worked with a great cast. It was his first picture or debut film. He was the director of this movie and also did the screenplay, story, and dialogue writing for the movie. Being a multitalented artist, he also worked as the lyricist in it along with the other people of the music department. He worked with the famous producer M. Nagaraju and the banner of the production company named “Jayadevaraj Films.” The director of photography was P. S. Kumar, the music director was Nandu Ghanekar, and the editor was Sathish Kumar V. It was distributed by the distributor company called “Anjani Movies.” The stunts area/ department in the film was managed by Johny. It is a Kannada feature film that came under the U/A category and released in the Indian cinemas on the 11th of March in the year 2016. It has a thrilling genre with heart touching romance and amazing action. The main stars of the film are Bhumika Ak who is in the female lead and Naveen Krishna who was the male lead. Jai Devaraj was the supporting actor in it along with Ramesh Bhat, Bhavya, and Archana. This movie shows the audience a story of a married couple named Sharada and Rama Chandra played by Bhumika and Navtesh respectively. When their life was passing happily, destiny made the entry of a young man into their life who later started blackmailing them for his profit. The couple found their lives in danger. The tagline of the story is “Yarigu Shobheyalla.” It was an overall good film and proved to be a good starter for his career as a director. Everybody gave their proper contribution to this film, and it was also the first film of the of its supporting actor Jai Devaraj. It received a good response on the social networks and other websites also. He learned many new things while working with the crew members and also the other actors. It helped him in his directing skills and further filmmaking in his life.

Jaya Gaja Venkatesh Kannada Actor