Srinivas Ramaiah is a cinematographer in the Kannada film industry. Srinivas, during his school years had a great affinity for cameras and camera work. He was very much interested in filmography and photography. Soon after completing his schooling, he joined Bangalore University and decided to pursue film and television technology. Throughout his college days, Srinivas shot many short films and took amazing pictures for his class projects and assignments.

He graduated in 2000 and immediately was hired by Ashok Kashyap Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ashok Kashyap as his assistant cinematographer. For a year he worked with and studied Ashok on the sets of movies and various other projects. In 2001, Srinivas got a job as a video journalist and for a couple of years, he worked as a video journalist. His talents were there to be seen by everyone and he started getting freelance projects as a cinematographer and director of photography with various TV shows and small budgeted movies, he shot many short films for different directors as well.

In 2004, Srinivas got a job at Times Now as their senior video journalist, where he would overlook the camera work of the on-field journalists. He worked for Times Now for about three years, and in 2007 was hired by Channel V as their director of photography, where he worked majorly on every show that was based in the open air. After working as a freelance for a few more years, Srinivas made his debut on the silver screen as a cinematographer with Queens! Destiny of Dance. A thought-provoking movie about the transgender community, Srinivas won the Los Angeles movie award for best cinematographer, which established him as one of the finest in the Kannada film industry.

He then worked in over 10 other projects, like Emotional Atyachar, Neenade Naa Click to look into! >> Read More... Neenade Naa , Mrugashira and Laal Ishq Laal Ishq Hindi show fulfills the romantic horror >> Read More... Laal Ishq .