Venkatesh Anguraj is a Film cinematographer. He mainly works for Kannada Film Industry. He also works with Telugu and Tamil Industry. His other name is A. Venkatesh. Angurajhas also associated with directors like Saran, Venkatesh, and Suraj. He did 30 plus movies in his career. He made his debut with the project Endendigu. As a cinematographer, he did Sikka in the year 1997, Marumagan in the year 1995, Samurai in the year 2002, Agni Gundam in the year 1984, Nadhi in the year 1969, Maqsad in the year in the year 1984, VeeraThalattu in the year 1998, PyarHuaChoriChori in the year 1991.

He did cinematography in the projects like SonePeSuhaga in the year 1988, Izzatdaar in the year 1990, Waqt Ki Awaz in the year 1988, Vasuki in the year 1997, HimmatAurMahnat in the year 1987, Aai in the year 2004, OngoleGittha in the year 2013, Dum in the year 2013. He did movies Saamy Square and Sarkari Hi PraaShaale in the year 2018. He has done movie Endendigu in the year 2015.

Director of the movie is Imran Sardhariya Imran’s story is that of heart melting, emotional >> Read More... Imran Sardhariya . Producer of the film is S. V. Babu. Jayatheertha, Imran Sardhariya did the screenplay, Story prepared by Imran Sardhariya. Ajay Rao Ajay Rao is an Indian Film actor primarily working >> Read More... Ajay Rao and RadhikaPandit played the lead role in the project. They depicted the casting of Krishna and Jyothi respectively. Other casts are H. G. Dattatreya, Chandrashekhar, Ashok, Raveendranath, KalyaniRaju, B. Suresha, Anmol, TablaNani, Sumithra, PavithraLokesh, Yogaraj Bhatt, Dhananjay, Sadhu Kokila Sadhu Kokila is a Kannada actor who primarily work >> Read More... Sadhu Kokila , P. Ravi Shankar, and Shanthaamma.

The movies releases on May 1, and in the year 2015. Label for this is D Beats. V. Harikrishna did the music direction. The film made under the production of S. V. Productions. It is in the Kannada Language. S. V. Films, Om Sai Release, and Kumar Film Factory distributed the movies in theaters. It has five songs in the account. It has a romantic thriller genre. The film editing had done by Deepu S. Kumar.

Another list in pictures is Amarkalam in the year 1999, ParhenRashithen in the year 2000, AlliArjuna in the year 2002, Gemini in the year 2002, Jay Jay in the year 2003, AahaaEthanaiAzhagu in the year 2003, MachaKaran in the year 2007, Aarsangam in the year 2008. And more Achamindri in the year 2016, MalaiMalai in the year 2009, EnnamoNadakkudhu in the year 2014.

Santhosh Rai Pathaje Kannada Actor

Santhosh Rai Pathaje

Santhosh Rai Pathaje is a Cinematographer of South Indian film industry, lives in Bangalore, India. He has skills in photography media productions such as Video, Television, Video production, entertainment, commercials, documentaries, new media, film, post production, and film production. Along with all these , he is also a scriptwriter, costume designer, film director, and a colourist. Critics say,“if the photography of a Kannada movie is looking luxurious, and glossy, then definitely Santhosh Rai Pathaje is behind it.” Santhosh has proved his excellence in more than twenty movies. He has proficiency in four languages such as in Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, and English. Originally, Santhosh is from the town Ajirangala Kaniyoo, situated near Puttur in the state of Karnataka, India. His schooling was at the St. Aloysius College,Mangalore, Karnataka. He completed his Diploma in Cinematography from the Government Film and T.V. Institute, Bangalore. He was the topper in his class. Within the training period, Santhosh made a film with 16mm Kodak camera for his project named as “Antharamukhi” was highly appreciated by his mentors and teachers. He worked with some popular and energetic movie makers who have helped and motivated him to dive into the ocean of photography, and cinematography. Santhosh is also a graduate in journalism. In 2011, he got married to Deeksha S. Rai, who was born and brought up in Bangalore. As a partner, Deeksha is a great inspiration for Santhosh. Santhosh 1st started his work as an assistant cinematographer of Ashok Kashyap in few high budget Kannada movies such as “Law and Order,” and “Shivraj Kumar.” Then he moved to Mumbai. He stayed there for two years and made some advertising and corporate films. After returning to Karnataka, he decided to work as a movie director and script writer in the Kannada film Industry. In 2006, he directed his 1st feature film named as 7 o’clock. He was also the script-writer and the screenplay writer of this movie. Therefore the cinematography of the film was handled by Chandrashekhar.In 2007, Santhosh made another cinema with all the previous responsibilities as a director, screenplay writer along with the scriptwriter. In the meantime, he got offers for cinematography in 2 other movies such as “Mata,” and “Mithayi Mane.” Santhosh Rai Pathaje is a man who loves to play with light and shadows. Since 18 years he is pursuing this art. He gained expertise in cinematography by making feature films, corporate films, and commercials like Bingo, Lenovo, Campaign for BJP, etc.With hard work and a true love towards his passion, Santhosh made himself popular, both in Telugu and Kannada film world. He has a vast knowledge in grading of colours. He has done colour correction for the movie “John Jaani Janardan,” and he is the only man in Indian Cinema who can do this in commercial films. Along with cinematography, Santhosh has also designed costumes for movies like “Vaastuprakara”, and “ Paramathma” , proving to be a multi-tasker. In the technical front, his picturization is marvellous. His photographic skills are considered to be spellbound when he takes shots of nature. He has the capacity, the specialization, the expertise, and a deep understanding towards the needs of a director and the media. He has the vision to make anything fascinating and successful related to cinematography. His photography in cinemas is a big asset for the South Indian movies. The films like “Kidirithe Kappu Coffee,” Paramathma,” Whistle,” Love U Alia,” and “Josh” are the examples of his dedication and extraordinary picturesque of luxurious textures. Nowadays, Santhosh is reforming the syllabus of the students of his college where he studied. Also he is a visiting guest lecture in the Govt. Film and TV Institute


Karthik Mallur

Karthik Mallur is an Indian cinematographer who predominantly works in the Kannada film industry. He is best known for his works in films like 'Dhand',  ‘Chiravada Nenapu', 'Coma' and 'Piu Ka Pen'. Karthik was born into a family who can boast of its tradition and family history of fine arts and photography. Insiders say that he has obtained his passion for photography from his father. When he was at the age of eight, his skill in photography had emerged. Since his school days, he learned graphic designs and could sketch pictures well. But he had obtained a diploma in Electronics and Communication from DTE Bangalore and started his career as a graphic designer for an advertising agency. While working in the advertisement agency, he got acquitted with reputed clients like Arvind Mills, Titan, Timex and KMF. He got hooked to film acting by chance. It was in the year 2009 he got a major break as the second lead in a Kannada feature, ‘Production no 1’ under the banner of ‘Shreya Movies’. Unfortunately, the film did not see the light of the day. But he did not give up hope. He made a strong team of talented film artists and produced a short film named as  'Friends In A Trip', where he also featured as an actor. Soon his interest in technical aspects of filmmaking grew further and he got himself focused in the role of a director of photography and thereafter he made many short films as a cinematographer and won awards for them too. In 2012, he made his debut as director of photography for the movie, 'Naanu Nanna Kavithe' but much is not known about this movie. He also has obtained a master degree in advertising and media management and utilized this knowledge to market his short movies. He has shot many TVCs too. In the year 2015, he got his credit as a cinematographer for movie 'Dhand' which was a Tulu language movie directed by Ranjith Bajpe and produced by Shodhan Prasad. The film had Arjun Kapikad, Sandeep Shetty, Anoop Sagar, Deepak Paladka, Gopinath Bhat and others in lead roles. 'Coma' was another important project which was written and directed by Ravi Kiran and  CSP.  It has Karthik Kumar, Shruthi Nandeesh, Suchindra Prasad, Shille Manjunath, Andrew jaypaul and Ajith Kumar in the lead roles. The director of photography was Karthik Mallur.  In 2016, he got associated as cinematographer for the movie, 'Chiravada Nenapu' which was directed by Vincent Barnard. The film was produced by G Suresh. In the year 2017, Mallur came out with a short film, ‘'Piu Ka Pen'’ which was based on a story of a 10-year old girl who fears everything around her.  This 18 minutes short film narrates Piu's story of her desire to buy a Pen, and how the pen becomes her best friend. Poorna Choudhury plays the role of Piu and Anshulika Kapoor is Piu’s mother, Shrinivas Chebby plays the role of Piu's father and Devanand Mahakud narrates the role of Mr. P. The film was directed by Devanand Mahakud and the concept of the movie was from Raakhee Bose.

Karthik Mallur Kannada Actor