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Baby Suhasini

Baby Suhasini is a child actor who shot to fame with an offbeat Kannada movie 'Bannada Kode'; that released in 2014. She got the best State Award for best child artiste (female) for this film. Later on, she was back on as the child character in 'Naani'. In this movie, she acted with Suhasini Manirathnam, Manish Arya, and Priyanka Rao. SuhasiniManirathnam was the mother of baby Suhasini in this cinema. It was a story of a couple who moves to a haunted house where they found an unearthing tale of the house's previous inhabitants and then arises a fact that the family had a little girl called 'Nani' whose spirit guides the house. It was based on a real-life story based in Gujarat. According to director Sumanth (also known as Raghavendra K. Gollahalli), he had taken audition of 10 girls for this movie, but he was not satisfied at all. It was then someone suggested Baby Suhasini's name to him. Even before taking her audition, the director was not sure whether she would be able to enact such role. But then the director was taken back and was bowled over by Baby Suhasini's talent as she gave her first shot for the movie. Later on, when the film got completed, the director was the first one to tell media that no one could have brought the character of Nani to life better than her. It was said that the child actor got more interested in the project to find out that the story was based on real incidents. She even used to visualize how in reality the girl Nani would have reacted to real situations that arose. She used to close her eyes and get submerged with the character that she was portraying and would soon try to bring out the emotions to the character before the camera. That was Baby Suhasini's involvement with the film. However, the viewers could find Nani aka Baby Suhasini only in the second half of the movie till the end. it was after Baby Suhasini comes alive on screen, many secrets get revealed. The child actor tells that it was a horror movie and she followed all the instructions that the director Sumanth gave to her. She was not nervous to share the screen presence with senior artistes and she only gave a fearless performance in the move. That is why her spontaneous performance enabled her to win a lot of applauds from the viewers. The same movie Nani dubbed into Telugu, and it was titled as 'Sivagami'. There were other child artistes in the movie, and these youngsters were Manish Chandra and Priyanka Rao. It is said that director Sumanth was told about the haunted house that existed in Gujarat, by his producer Ramesh Kumar Jain. The director took a camera and shot the entire home that remained locked for the past 30 years. There were 30 rooms in the house, and the shot that the director took in his camera was used in the cinematic vision. The house was abandoned except there was a picture of Naani, hanging on the wall. It was from this photograph of 'Naani' that existed in the wall, the director got an inspiration to make this film and Baby Shalini narrated the role with a superlative performance.

Baby Suhasini Kannada Actress