Kannada Child Artist ( 0 - 12 )

Shlagha Saligrama

Aadya Udupi


Child Artist Masterpiece Of The Film

A child artist is a young kid who has appeared or acted in TV shows, dramas or movies. Many films or soap operas have a script that involves children who have a major or minor role to play in the plot. Some movies entirely revolve around children, like the Kannada film ‘Putani Force A2Z.’ For such roles, auditions are held, and the selected kid plays the role of the child in the story. Contrary to the belief that child actors do not play a significant role in the success of a film, there are movies that have done well on the big screen entirely due to the child artists.

Many films these days see the child actors in the lead, for instance, Neel Sethi’s role in Hollywood’s ‘The Jungle Book.’ A career that takes off at such a young age comes with a lot of pressure to perform well onscreen and manage academics equally well. The competition is also increasing every day as the parents have begun to shed the inhibitions regarding the acceptability of their kids in the industry. While there have been some child artists who have grown up to become successful actors, there have been many who could not make it big in the Film Industry. Nevertheless, here are some of Sandalwood’s famous child actors