Kannada Anchor ( 0 - 12 )

Akshata Divate


Anchor Are Show's Gravity

An anchor is a person who hosts a reality show or an entertainment program on television. It can be a dance show, music show, a talk show, a quiz show or an astrology program. An anchor’s job is to entertain the audience and keep them glued to their channel when the episode is telecast. Usually, the producers of a reality show prefer known faces over new faces to be the anchors, as it becomes easy for the audience to connect with them. There are many television shows which are hosted by TV actors or actresses, VJs, reality show contestants and comedians.

Though the lines of the anchors are written well in advance, a successful host is one who has a good presence of mind and the ability to keep the audience engaged. He has to be very energetic as the shoots at times last an entire day’s length. Also, he should be a lively person and catch on the mood of the show. Besides entertainment shows, there are the informative ones where the anchors are not glamorous but erudite personalities. These hosts talk about the field of their expertise, for which their shows are followed by the viewers. Some of the prominent Kannada TV anchors are listed on this page.