Dr. Naa Someshwara was born on 14th May 1995, in Karnataka, India. He's a medical practitioner by profession, but he even anchored a show. Someshwara Narappa is his other name. His wife is Rukmavathy BV. He has a BSc and an MBBS Degree.

Known works

Dr. Naa Someshwara is an author of many popular books, but the most known one is ‘Elu Suttina Koteyali Entu Koti’


Dr. Naa Someshwara won many prizes, but the most notable ones are the, 2003 Vaidya Sahitya Award, Doctors day award, Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award, Aryabhata International Award.


Dr. Naa Someshwara is well known for his writing in the medical field in Kannada language. He has published more than 30 books, which are mainly of medical and health aspect. He also played the role of editor of the monthly medical magazine (Jeevanandi), He is also into blogging, and his blog site has very informative content. www.yakshaprashne.org Most importantly the longest running Kannada game show Thatt Antha Heli on Chandana TV, was hosted by him.

Anchor in Thatt Antha Heli

Thatt Antha Heli was a quiz show, which is broadcasted on Chandana TV. It was telecasted only via Doordarshan Kendra, Bangalore. It was the longest running game show, which completed 2500 episodes and most surprisingly without any sponsorship. The show was being telecasted daily except for weekends at 9:30 PM. Dr. Naa Someshwara was the host of the show also being addressed as Quiz Master. If the contestants answer the questions correctly, he will be rewarded with a well-known published book by Kannada Sahitya Parishat, instead of money. The most impressive thing about this program was the viewer get many information on science, culture, heritage, technology, etc. Even the contestant gain more knowledge by the reward i.e books or just by playing the quiz game. Unlike the majority of the game shows money isn't involved in this show.

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