Nina Pillai

Other names of Nina Pillai: Nina Pillai, Neena, Neena Pillai

Nina Pillai whose earlier name was Nina Gopika Nair is a Columnist for different newspapers who has always been in the limelight. Nina, after completing her studies in mass media started working as a journalist and soon she was in controversies. She married Rajan Pillai, who was an industrialist. He is also called the Biscuit Baron and they had two sons called Krishna and Shiva. Rajan Pillai got a prison sentence for 14 years in the case of Fraud, but he died in jail of Liver Cirrhosis because of poor conditions and lack of medical treatment. Nina alleged that a conspiracy had led to her husband’s death and requested the court to order a CBI inquiry. She wrote another petition for receiving compensation which resulted in her and her children receiving a million dollars. Her life became difficult after that, but she concentrated on taking care of her children.

She once went to a classmate’s party, business tycoon Hari Ram Sastri in New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... New Delhi . They danced well together as they had known each other for thirty-years. Hari Ram Sastri suddenly proposed to her and filled her forehead with sindoor and they had a quick engagement, and she fell in love all over again. They went to Kullu Manali with her children where they sang songs, ate food and did bonfires together and had a lot of fun. She married him in the year 2001. They lived in Delhi and her sons grew up there. She wrote an article on the 29th of December 2012 in which she mentions all her favorite things of the year, including the Leela Hotel, Vijay Mallya, her childhood friend had fallen because of lack of public support, about PM Narendra Modi’s speeches which wooed all the voters and her favorite lady, Nita Ambani Nita Ambani is a name which does not need any intr >> Read More... Nita Ambani , homemaker of the biggest home.

Her older son Krishna takes care of their Family Fine Arts Company Triveda and is bringing his father’s vision to reality. Her younger son Shiva knows martial arts and dancing and is waiting for an opportunity to get into Bollywood to be an actor. He aspires to work with Shraddha, Alia, and Kangana. He is even ready to be a director and says his mother had always motivated and supported him in whatever he likes to do instead of getting into the family business. Our best wishes are with Nina Pillai and hope she and her children do great.