Hindi Vocalist ( 0 - 12 )

Kalapini Komkali

Veena Sahasrabuddhe

Raghunandan Panshikar

Ajay Pohankar


Vocalist Popular Among Pop Or Jazz Band

A vocalist is a person who sings in a jazz band or a pop group. They are many times confused with singers. Generally, the term singer is used for anyone who does playback singing in films whereas vocalists necessarily train in classical music. All vocalists can be singers but not the other way round. The Hindi Industry has witnessed numerous exceptional vocalists over the years. Most of them are stage performers who sing solo or in groups. Since there are different genres of music, those who are trained in a particular genre perform in that style. It is basically the personality and the appeal of the singer, besides the voice quality, which decides the class of music they will train in. Their songs can range from magnificent classical music to the lively rock or pop.

In the modern musical bands, the songs are sung by a lead vocalist, who receives the maximum attention of the public. Every vocalist has his own way of communicating with the instrumental team and enthralling the audience with their performing skills. Some vocalists also sing playback songs for movies. Playback singers do not sing live. Their songs are pre-recorded and run in the background in a film where the actors lip-sync the lyrics. The lyrics and music of such songs are in context with the plot of the movie. The page here enlists India’s most celebrated vocalists of all time.