Ishaan Singh Manhas is a TV series actor and model born on the 18th of October. He has Rajput roots even though he grew up in Delhi. He is a lover of both swimming and dancing, apart from acting – he has 3 gold medals in swimming, studied Electronics at the Hindu College, and went to Shiamak Davar’s Institute of Dance for 2 years and a half, spending another 1 and a half years being educated in acting at the famous Kishore Namit Acting Institute.

Ishaan made his Bollywood debut in the movie ‘’ opposite Ankita Shrivasava. This film, which was released in 2011, is loosely based on the tale of Cinderella with a similar boy-meets-girl plot where the girl is under the control of her harsh stepmother and stepsisters. Ishaan plays the role of prince charming who saves her so that they could get their happily ever after. Despite the sweet story and the newcomers, the movie received harsh critique on release.

After the movie, Ishaan has been seen more frequently on television serials starting with his character in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan Ek Mutthi Aasmaan is a daily Hindi TV serial that >> Read More... (Zee TV); he plays the intellectual role of Samar “Sammy” Raizada who is friends with the leading man Raghav Singhania. More recently, he has been playing the parallel lead for the female protagonist in the show Hamari Sister Didi Hamari Sister Didi is a drama television series th >> Read More... (Sony Pal) as Inspector Veer Dev. The actor and model has straight black hair with dark brown eyes and stands tall at a height of 6 feet.

Irfan Hossein Hindi Actor

Irfan Hossein

Irfan Hossein was born on 13th July 1973 and he lives in Mumbai. He is multilingual being able to speak fluently in English and Hindi as well as Urdu. He had been working in theater for 15 years with various performing groups and is currently working with a group called ‘Theatron’. Irfan has gone to many local and international workshops related to acting and has arranged many such workshops in many venues himself, training a great number of actors under his guidance. He was the enigmatic villain Muhammad of Ghaur, ruler of the Ghurid Empire, in Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan (Star Plus). Irfan did extensive research for months to learn the background and history of that period. Apart from this, he was also in the series Time Bomb and for another, was the main villain Dinaro, an arms dealer and supplier, in the NDTV Imagine serial ‘Vijay’ which was an army-themed serial. The telefilms he has been involved in are ‘Apradh’, ‘Patwari’, Bhoole Bisre Chitra, Maati Ke Rang all of which involved him playing the main character. Irfan is not new to Bollywood either, appearing in the Aamir Khan starrer The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey (2005), ‘Sindoor’, and in some short films namely, ‘Sifar’ and Mistake Ho Gaya. Irfan passionately detests soap operas, always choosing to play strong characters which exhibit his superior acting skills. Consequently, also likes acting in adverse conditions and difficult environments because he welcomes challenges. The actor is good at riding horses, swimming, kick boxing and dancing as well.


Jamnadas Majethia

Versatile man of many talents, J D Majethia or Jamnadas Majethia is widely recognized for his comedy acting, especially in the series ‘Khichdi’ which aired on the channel Star Plus. However, he is not only an actor but a director and a producer as well, working outside Hindi-centered entertainment to his origin Sindhi and Gujarathi theatre for plays. Mr. Majethia has played characters ranging from supporting roles to central comedy roles such as: Maleyketu, son of Pauravraj, in the television epic ‘Chanakya’ (DD National, 1991-1992) based on the life of 4th Century Indian economist, political philosopher and tactician of the same name; Paresh in Karishma Kaa Karishma (Star Plus, 2003); Himanshu Seth, the foolish younger brother of Hansa in Khichdi (Star Plus, 2002) and Instant Khichdi (Star Plus, 2005-2006); Dr. Harshad Thakkar in Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Star Plus, 2005-2010) and finally, as a contestant in the reality show Survivor India in which he achieved the title of runner-up. His work as a producer started in 2004 with Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai’s co-production alongside Aatish Kapadia. While it was slated for a second season as it was enjoyed and applauded by both the audience and the critics alike, also achieving one of the highest TRPS ever for a comedy series in India, it did not return to television. Nonetheless, J D Majethia continued his groundbreaking work, not only acting but also producing funnier and consistently family-friendly serials and movies such as Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, Khichdi: The Movie, Mera Naam Karegi Roshan, ‘Behenein’, Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum and Byaah Hamari Bahoo Ka. Of these, Khichdi enjoyed a large amount of success for being entirely different to usual Indian comedies – it broke many stereotypes and became popular in an age where the Indian audience was hooked to dramatic family soaps. It also had J D Majethia in a notably humorous character with the catchphrase “Kisi ko pata nahin chalega” (translation: No one will find out). Majethia’s birthday is the 5th of February and he is a family man with 2 daughters, Kesar (age 13) and Mishri (age 7), both who he absolutely adores. He expanded his work in the year 2013 with the launch of HatsOff Actors Academy.

Jamnadas Majethia Hindi Actor