Lavanya Bhardwaj Hindi Actor

A small town boy with great looks and magnificent body. Maybe, this name Lavanya Bhardwaj doesn’t strike any chord in you, but when I’ll say Sahadeva of Mahabharat, I’m sure you might end up with an image in your mind. Yes, that’s our very own Lavanya. He hails from Meerut and like any other actor, has dreams of becoming a great actor. The Mahabharat has given him due credits and he looks forward to a better future in this serial. Mahabharat is his first show as one of the lead actors and the way he acted has marked his better future beforehand. throughout this show he acted like a calm and composed person, but he finally breaks his silence in the best way possible by killing the greatest evil doer in the show- shakuni and the way he killed him shows his potential.

His character on the show was anti-aggressive and that’s the reason when he finally got a chance, he made the best of it. When asked to him whether acting in Mahabharat was difficult or not, he said it was quite difficult for him because he only had to express himself through his eyes as his character didn’t get much tospeak. He debuted on the small screen with the role of an NRI in Hamari Devrani followed by Nahusha’s role in Mahadeva. Yet he considers the role of Sahadeva as his best role as he got to learn a lot of things. He also says that regarding his thoughts and the way he lives, he considers himself of some other century. We hope to see more of this handsome and charming boy.