Top 10 Most Entertaining TV Shows

Top 10 Most Entertaining TV Shows Hindi Article

1. ‘’ –

Each episode of this hilarious series was worth a while back then. It was undoubtedly the most entertaining show on Indian television. The sweet innocence of Roshesh, the wittiness of Maya, the intelligence of Sahil and the humour of Vikram Sarabhai of the gag show was outstanding. Now, this show is not telecasted on the television but still, it has not stopped the fans from watching it on YouTube.


2. ‘ Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is a television se >> Read More... Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah ’ –

If you haven’t seen this series on television, then you have surely been missing much. With more than two thousand episodes, this Indian sitcom is a daily watch for the entire family during dinner-time. Casting people from all religions, living together and celebrating their happy and sorrow days in Golukdham society with the renowned Tappu Sena is enjoyable and mind refreshing to all after a stressful day.


3. ‘’ –


For a marvellous and satisfying Saturday night, just turn your remotes on at ten. With Krushna, Sudesh, Mona and Bharti this show will make you hold your stomach and laugh. This show was aired last year in September and for this year there is Comedy Nights Taaza as its replacement.

4. ‘ Chidiya Ghar Chidiya Ghar is an Indian Hindi Entertainment Come >> Read More... Chidiya Ghar ’ –


Aired on weekdays, on SAB TV it runs a storyline of a joint family living together. The uniqueness about the show is that the names of the characters correspond to names of the animals, and the characters possess some features similar to those animals. The lead character of this show, Kesari Narayan, an elder man with great values and knowledge, teaches a lesson at the end of each episode on the problems faced by the house members in daily life with his years of experience.

5. ‘Badi Door Se Aaye Hai’ –


This inter-cosmic space Indian TV series presents the life of an alien family who come to earth in search of their missing child. With their magical powers they face a number of unusual and hilarious situations that make you giggle.


6. ‘ Office Office Office- Office is a Hindi-language sitcom written >> Read More... Office Office ’ -


It is an Indian sitcom that premiered on SAB TV in 2001. It was based on the underhand bribes and corruption taking place in government offices. Mussadilal, a common sober man, is harassed and mocked by the public workers in a humorous way when he comes to the public office daily to get his work done.

7. ‘ Khichdi Instant Khichdi is a SitCom based on the lives of >> Read More... Khichdi ’ –

Khichdi was used to portray the ideal situation of India in a satirical way. Although being a Hindi TV series, it was aired in two seasons. It displayed an Indian Gujarati joint family who lived together but wanted to form their separate nuclear families by selling their ancestral property. The middle-class family jokes will surely bring a grin on your face.

8. ‘’ –

Although the saas-bahu series and the reality shows are the most watched these days, but back then shows like this were a hit! Families would sit together and watch it, having the most memorable time together. It was so real that sometimes, people could relate themselves to the characters and the situations. Hum Paanch was a successful series a decade ago.

9. ‘ Shararat Shararat-thoda jadu, thodi nazaakat was an Indian >> Read More... Shararat ’ –

A Disney channel and Star Plus joint venture, it brought magic and mischief to a notorious level. It was aired for half a decade with five seasons and was very popular. It revolved around Jiya, a teenage girl who always used to mess up while using magic and her grandmother who would help her learn and fix the mistakes.

10. ‘ The Kapil Sharma Show The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the popular Indian >> Read More... The Kapil Sharma Show ’ –

It is an Indian Hindi stand-up comedy show which is hosted entirely by Kapil Sharma Kapil Sharma was born in a small town of Amritsa >> Read More... Kapil Sharma . Each episode on weekends features Bollywood celebs who come to promote their latest films. Making interactions with the audience and the sher-o-shayaris of Navjot Singh Sidhu Navjot Singh Sidhu was born on October 20, 1963 in >> Read More... Navjot Singh Sidhu , makes this show entirely unique. And not only in India but this show is adored around the whole world and once it was also shot in Dubai.