Aasif Sheikh

Other names of Aasif Sheikh: Ashif Sheikh,Aasif Sheikh
Aasif Sheikh Hindi Actor
Other Skills
    - Supporting Actor

Who can ever forget the romantic character, Boss, of the serial, Yes Boss Click to look into! >> Read More... Yes Boss , which aired on Sab TV. Yes, we are talking about Aashif Sheikh, the very adorable boss in the serial. Because of his antics, this serial became the daily dose of laughter medicine for the audience. He may not look very old, but his acting career started way back in 1984 when he acted in Doordarshan’s “ Hum Log Hum Log was the first soap opera to be telecasted >> Read More... Hum Log ” (you won’t believe it, he is 54 years old, though his face always belies his age).

Later, he went on to act in Hindi movies and always played a negative character with a funny side. Born in Mumbai in 1960, Aashif is a very natural actor and always loves his work. He has never been involved in any controversy during these years. The arrival of TV, then Satellite TV, proved a boon for actors like him. He started to take his career in TV channels forward , and he was very successful in this new venture.

Aashif became a household name when he started his venture in Idiot Box The idiot box is a Marathi language web series tha >> Read More... Idiot Box , through his sheer comic timing very much similar to Govinda. With the advent of so many channels, the roles started pouring to him, and he justified every single bit of it. Today, he is considered as a very respectable actor in the Indian television industry. It’s been 30 years since he made his serial debut, but still, he is going strong and entertaining us with his great talent. We wish him long life and hope for entertainment from him shortly