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Hindi Singer ( 12 - 24 )

Khwahish Gal

Dipakshi Kalita

Aditi Saigal

C. Alvares

Govind Bhana

Rapper Sagar Shetty


Singer Mesmerizes With Song

A singer is a person who sings either professionally or for entertainment. He/ she are also known as a vocalist and could sing in any language or genre as they choose. Bollywood sees singers sing in hindi and sometimes in Urdu and Punjabi based on their knowledge of the languages and how well they can sing. There are many different styles and singers are expected to sing according to the scene and script in the film. Singers can either freelance and sing for particular actor/ actresses or join a music company. They are able to read music and understand the pitch and tones of a song. Singers are well trained and have learnt well over the years. They might even write their own songs. Some singers are great musicians and play their own songs for the albums.

Singers even go on to be producers and recorders of their own labels which then provide music for films or tv shows. They might even undertake upcoming singers in their brand and train them for future shows. Singers tend to release albums, something like a collection of songs. Some singers form a band and sing songs together. He/ She/ They collaborate with other singers and musicians for either promotional or charitable purposes. They might go on music tours as well. Singers tend to release singles and / or albums depending on their genre.

A singer or band write and record songs. They perform on shows and concerts for their fans. Many singers and band have their own set of fan followers. Singers even promote their music on social media and radio shows. Singers are nominated for their talents and skills at different music award shows. Music festivals are held where singers from a variety of genres come and share their music to their fans and public.