Being the offspring of a famous parent is always fraught with the threat that one’s own capabilities may get undervalued in the eyes of others, the general perception being that any claim to fame is basically a sort of reflected glory. The case of Amit Kumar, (or Amit Kumar Ganguly as his full name stands) would very much fall in this category and the legendary status of his father Kishore Kumar Kishore Kumar is an Indian playback singer, who ha >> Read More... Kishore Kumar would forever dwarf any claim to fame that Amit would have on his own merits. Even mother Ruma held her own as a singer, dancer, and actress in Bengali films. Many would argue that being the son of such parents, (albeit separated), both of whom were brilliant in their own cultural fields, it was no surprise that Amit would have his own cultural bearings pretty strong. Amit, of course, had shown more talent in singing, and since the 1970s and till the time of R. D. Burman’s death in 1994, he sang a host of songs in Bollywood movies, for all the well known music directors of that period, picking up the Filmfare award in 1980 for “”. The death of R.D. Burman, with whom he had established very close links, upset him very much, and virtually brought his singing career to an end. This perhaps led to the Kumar Shanus, Abhijeets and Babul Supriyos to usurp the legacy of Kishore Kumar, which would have otherwise been his, had he decided to pursue his singing career further. Like many before him, his acting career started as a child actor, when he sang and acted in his father's own productions under the “Door” trilogy. But perhaps, he did not show that much keenness towards acting, and therefore, did not pursue it further. His connection with the world of TV was mostly as a composer and singer, and like his father, he too composed songs, and was credited with the creation of the theme songs to the Hindi versions of Disney's “Duck Tales” and the cartoon series “Bob the Builder”.