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Hindi Singer Sanam Puri
     ‘Sanam Puri’, was born in 1992 in New Delhi, India and is now aged 23 years old. He is a famous Indian singer as well as the lead vocalist of a band named as Sanam. By occupation Sanam is a singer, music editor as well as a composer who has the ability to play the guitar and piano as well as sing in a mesmerizing voice. He studied at, ‘The Bal Bharati Public School’, Noida when he was younger.

     Then he attended college at ‘Kirori Mal College’ which was affiliated with the University of Delhi, although he dropped out after a period of six months only since he couldn’t bear the ragging which he had to endure within the university. He was born with the ability to play the guitar as well as the piano since it has been stated that no formal training was given to him with regard to learning to play either of these instruments. Sanam, his brother and few others formed their own band in 2011 and they were able to release an album named SQS Supastars in the same year. Another album named as 'Samar Sanam was released by him and his brother in the year 2012.


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