Hemant Kumar

Other names of Hemant Kumar: Hemanta Mukherjee

Hemant Mukherjee is a famous composer, singer, and producer, born on 16th June 1920 in Varanasi, British India. He is popularly known as Hemant Kumar. But unfortunately, he died on 26th September 1989 in Kolkata at the age of 69 years. His original birth name is ‘Hemanta Kumar’. He had sung songs in different languages like Hindi, and other languages; he is often identified as India’s greatest playback singer. He was credited with two National Awards.

Though he was born in Varanasi but in early 1990’s he migrated to Kolkata along with the family. He was educated at ‘Nasiruddin School’ and later at ‘Mitra Institution School’. In that school he met one of his good friend named ‘Subhas Mukhopadhyay’ who is now a famous poet. Hemanta wrote many short stories at his school age. To pursue his degree he joined the Bengal Technical Institute, but due to some reasons, he headed his career towards the music industry by quitting his engineering.

At that time he even wrote some short stories and published them in one of the Bengali magazines named Desh, but later he completely showed his focus in music rather than writing stories. Under the pressure of his friend Subhas Mukhopadhyay, he recorded his first song in 1935. Later on that song got numerous good responses and besides that, he got many opportunities in the singing field. Hemanta’s role model in the music career is ‘ Pankaj Mullick Pankaj Kumar Mullick, who was a pioneer of film mu >> Read More... Pankaj Mullick ’ and Hemanta’s mentor is Sailesh Duttagupta.

In one of the interviews, Hemanta mentioned that he got training in music field from Ustad Faiyaz Khan. Hemanta’s first filmography songs were for the movie ‘Nimai Sanyas’ in Bengali and it released in the year 1941. Hemanta’s first compositions for himself were non-album songs and they were telecasted in 1944. His first filmography works in Hindi film industry was ‘ Irada Click to look into! >> Read More... Irada ’ released in 1944. Hemanta had four siblings - three were brothers and one sister and each of his brother is settled in some way; like one is a story writer and other is a composer. In 1960’s he recorded many Bengali songs.

He got married tp ‘Bela Mukherjee’ in the year 1945, and she is a Bengali singer. His wife was expired on 25th June 2009. He was blessed with two children - one son named ‘ Jayant Jayant took birth in Nodeh Payan, Peshawar in the >> Read More... Jayant ’ and one daughter named ‘Ranu.’ Even his daughter had pursued a career in music; Hemanta’s son is married to Moushumi Chatterjee Moushumi Chatterjee is an Indian actress who has w >> Read More... Moushumi Chatterjee . He had won many awards from the year 1956 to 1989. After the death of Hemanta, the Gramophone Company has released albums by packing his songs; this started approximately after two decades of his death.

Another version of the Bio...

Hemant Kumar was born on 16 June 1920 in the vibrant city of Varanasi in the colonial era under Britain. He died at the age of 69 and had won more than eight prestigious awards in his lifetime. His zodiac sign was Gemini,and he remains a man of high repute in the film industry. Hemant Kumar is a renowned multi-talented icon whose remarkable contributions as a producer, singer, and composer in the Bengali and Hindi film industry will always remain significant. His birth name was Hemanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay. He is also known as Hemanta Mukherjee but is often referred to as Hemant Kumar. Hemant had three brothers, and a sister. Hemant's family was a combination of talented writers and music composers.

His environment provided the inspiration he needed to become a renowned poducer in the film industry. He eventually became one of India's most famous music directors, and a fabulous singer. His fans love his inspiring songs. He experienced the early years of his life in Kolkata where he enrolled at Misra Institution. This period was a great turning point in his career as he met Subhas Mukhopadhyay who became very instrumental in his career goals. Hemant was passionate about short story writing and later attended Bengal Technical Institute as an engineering student. This dream however failed because of his unwavering passion for music and writing. It is worth noting that he recorded his first song at the prestigious All India Radio in 1935.

Hemant Kumar was privileged to undergo a sequence of formal training in music under the supervision of a great tutor like Sailesh Duttagupta. His most significant and longest training was with Sailesh Duttagupta which helped to boost his passion for music. Hemant actively involved in the recording of non-film discs for the Gramophone Company of India.Songs like "Jane Jadi Go Tumi" and prominent Hindi songs like "O Preet Nibhanewhali" were Hemant's first non-film songs. He received assistance from great minds like Kamal Dasgupta, and Sailesh Duttagupta. These combined efforts enabled a successful production of Hemant's first non-film songs. These super-hit non- film songs had lovely and enthralling lyrics which could cause even the best music pessimist to smile passionately.

He was a successful film playback singer in the Bengali film industry and participated actively in "Nemo Sanyas" a Bengali film that went operational in 1941. Later he decided to work for the Hindi film industry since it was an ideal setting for higher heights of fame due to a greater audience. Pt.Armanat's music directing role helped in the successful release of Hemant's first Hindi film songs. These songs played a vital role in the 1944 movie called Prada. Hemant Kumar later married Bella Mukherjee in 1945. Hemant proved his multi-talented nature by successfully serving as the music director for the movie "Abhiyatri". It was a transition from a talented singer to an excellent music director.

One very remarkable action of Hemant in 1948 was the epic song "Ganier Badhu" which had a duration of 6 minutes. The success of this song was stunning. Hemant Kumar had the opportunity to be immersed in the lucrative and expanding Hindi film industry through Hemen Gupta who had strong passion for Hemant's music. Hemen Gupta released his first Hindi film titled "Anand Math," and immediately involved Hemant Kumar as the music director. Hemant Kumar had to move to Bombay, and the professional collaboration between Hemant and Hemen grew tremendously. Hemant continued as a music director and recorded massive success. One of his notable achievements was in 1954 when he composed music used in the film titled "Nagin".

He also played a vital director's role in movies like " Khamoshi Click to look into! >> Read More... Khamoshi " and "Jagriti." This great film industry icon of diverse talents has innumerable awards such as "Filmfare award for best music director" due to his indispensable role in making the film "Nagin" a great hit. Another special award he received was the "President gold medal" for the film "Neel Asher Neechay." He received the prestigious "Michael Madhusudhan Award" in Bangladesh .A sequence of cardiac problems led to his death in 1989. His legacy will always live forever in the minds of his countless admirers.